KEGG Regulatory Pathways

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Genetic Information Processing

mRNA biosynthesis
Bacteria Eukaryotes RNA polymerase
tRNA biosynthesis
Bacteria Eukaryotes
rRNA biosynthesis
Bacteria Eukaryotes Ribosomal RNA clusters
Ribosomal protein clusters
Aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
Protein biosynthesis
Bacteria Eukaryotes Ribosomal proteins
Translation factors
DNA biosynthesis
DNA polymerase

Cell Processes

Membrane Transport
ATP-binding cassett (ABC) transport system Ortholog, Summary
Eco Hin Hpy Bsu Mge Mpn Mtu Ctr Bbu Tpa Syn Aae Mja Mth Afu Pho
Phosphotransferase system (PTS) Ortholog
Eco Hin Bsu Mge Mpn Bbu
Signal Transduction
Two-component system Ortholog, Summary
Eco Hin Hpy Bsu Mtu Ctr Bbu Syn Aae Mth Afu Sce
Bacterial chemotaxis Ortholog
MAPK signaling pathway
Sce Dme
Second messenger signaling pathway
Ligand-Receptor Interaction
G-protein coupled receptors Ortholog
Ion channel receptors Ortholog
Cytokine receptors CD molecules, Cytokines
Cell Cycle
Cell cycle control in G1/S phases
Hsa Sce
Cell Death
Hsa Mmu

Cell Organization

Molecular Assembly
Ribosome assembly Ortholog
Eco Hin Hpy Hpj Rpr Bsu Mge Mpn Mtu Ctr Cpn Bbu Tpa Syn Aae Tma Mja Mth Afu Pho Pab Ape Sce
Flagellar assembly Ortholog
Eco Sty
Enzyme complex
Electron transport system (Complex I, II, III, IV) Ortholog
ATP synthase (Complex V) Ortholog
Pyruvate/oxoglutarate oxidoreductases Ortholog

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Last updated: October 8, 1999