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Upcoming Workshops / Exhibits / Seminars


    Look for upcoming Workshops, Exhibits and Seminars here!

    25-28 October 2000
    NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers) National Convention and Exhibition
    Orlando, FL
    Exhibit booth (#420) and Workshop

    28 October (Saturday) 8:30-9:45am, Boca, Hands-On Workshop
    Exploring Haploid-diploid Genetics and Biology with C-Fern
    Leslie Hickok and Stephanie Baxter, The University of Tennessee

    See also the workshop
    27 October (Friday) 2:15-3:30pm, Pelican B, Exhibitor Demonstration
    C-Fern: Sexual Reproduction in a Dish
    Whitney Hagins, Carolina Biological

    27-29 October 2000
    Research Link 2000 Institute

    Hood College, Frederick MD

    [Download Additional Information and the Institute Application Form]
    This Institute will assist faculty members in establishing a research-based curriculum and a foundation for an undergraduate research program. Participants will learn the techniques for using two of the following model systems: C-Fern, Chlamydomonas, Sea Anemone, Blue Plants, Fast Plants.

    22-25 March 2001
    NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) National Convention,
    St. Louis, MO
    Exhibit booth featuring information use can use on C-Fern culture, development and C-Fern sperm chemotaxis. Find out how easy it is to incorporate C-Fern into your biology classroom.