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Credit: Center for the Study of Digital Libraries Texas A&M University

Flowering Plant Gateway

Gatekeeper:  Hugh D. Wilson

The selection options on this page, and the menu bar below, provide various paths for exploration or comparison of three major systems of flowering plant classification.  Selection of a Family name will query an indexed file to produce a set of web links with information on that Family or included taxa. This 'gateway' system - eventually to include all vascular plants - is under constant revision. Current options (base navigation bar) include:

Browse Cronquist A 'top down' view of the Cronquist System, starting with the Class/Subclass array and links to Cronquist Subclass pages.
Browse Takhtajan An entry to the Takhtajan System, starting with the Class/Subclass array that are linked to Takhtajan Subclass pages.
Browse Thorne A similar starting view of the Thorne System, with the Subclass, Superorder selection and resolution to Subfamily on Superorder pages.
Select Family An alphabetical selection menu that leads to listings of family names with links to either Cronquist or Thorne classification systems or, for non-flowering vascular plants, direct access to internet data for the family.
Home Open this page. Handy if pursuit of family-level links (generated by selection of linked Family names) should lead far afield.

This system is a prototype product of the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group.  Please contact Hugh Wilson for weblink additions or adjustments.

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