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 1. Who are you?  
 2. Where do you live?  
 3. What kind of information are you seeking? Choose all that apply. Internet EE
Classroom Material
Educational Sites
Higher Education
Job Opportunities
Regional info
EE Professional Links
Web Based Training
Professional Development

 4. How well was EE-Link able to satisfy your information needs?  
 5. What could be done to better satisfy your information needs?  
 6. How easy was it to move from page to page in EE-Link?  
7. What could be done to make EE-Link more easy to navigate?  
8. How helpful were the Help Pages?  
 9. What additional help could be provided?  
10. How well is EE-Link maintained (e.g., operational links, current info, etc.)?  
11. What links or information require attention?  
11. How long were the EE-Link down load times?  
13. How helpful are the Internet services (e.g., web site hosting, web page design, etc.)?  
 14. How easy is it to contact EE-Link?  

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