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 New Links in May 1999

Compost Gin: "The compost card game is designed to teach the principles and methods of composting and futher the understanding of this very important natural cycle." Ordering information online. Show link in new window

Alaska Native Subsistence Rights: Essays by Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and Robert W. Loescher, President/Chief Executive Officer of Sealaska Corporation (an Alaskan Native organization), on the issue of subsistence hunting and fishing. Show link in new window

Office of Solid Waste: Kids' Page: "Join the Planet Protectors Club, participate in a space adventure to help save "Ergo", color and play games." Some activities are available in Spanish. Show link in new window

The Science of Global Warming: This software package is designed to teach grades 8-14 through simulations and real experiments to make the science of global warming more accessible. Designed to meet National Science standards. Ordering information available. Show link in new window

GreenCOM: GreenCOM provides environmental education and communication expertise to USAID projects dealing with biodiversity conservation, water resource management, policy, public participation, solid waste management and recycling. Show link in new window

Audubon Adopt-a-Bird: Bird Buddy Kit: "The "Bird Buddy" kit is a year-long learning experience geared toward elementary school students. 14 activity sheets are designed to supplement environmental lessons and teach the importance of saving birds of prey and preserving their habitat." Contact information provided. Show link in new window

Two World Environmental Education Project, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID: A course for educators (pre-service and in-service). A two-world approach to science and knowledge systems that offers indigenous environmental knowledge, techniques, data, and teachings with western scientific methodology and data. Classroom lessons will be constructed at four sites (Wolf Recovery site, Hanford, Musselshell, Columbia River) on the Nez Perce Reservation.June 14th -25th:Email for i Show link in new window

CREEC 2: The California Regional Environmental Education Coordinator (CREEC) Network is one of eleven regions matching the eleven CDE "Superintendents' Regions". It includes the nine counties in Superintendents' Region 2. CREEC2's site includes a calender of regional events and resources. Show link in new window

CREEC Network - Bay Area : Contact information to find out more about regional EE events and activities. Show link in new window

CREEC Network - Region 8 : Region 8's site offers a calender of regional EE events, an annotated list of internet resources, grant information and a comprehensive listing of EE providers in the Region 8 area (updated 4/28/99). Show link in new window

Network of Environmental Science Teaching (NEST): NEST is a network of educators, non-profit organizations, and businesses, sponsored in part by California State University, San Bernardino. NEST offers EE resources for registered liaisons and a masters degree program in EE is currently being offered at CSU-SB. Show link in new window

Resident Outdoor Science School, Santa Cruz: Sponsored by the S.C. County Office of Education, the Outdoor Science School experience is available to 5th and/or 6th grade students accompanied by their classroom teacher who spend 4-5 days living on site."The subject area most emphasized in this hands-on learning experience is the science of ecology." Pre and post activities can be viewed online. Show link in new window

Stanislaus Tuolumne Environmental Education Program (STEEP): STEEP is Region VI B of the California Regional Environmental Education Coordinator Network (CREEC). A list of regional EE events can be viewed online. Show link in new window

EE Workshop for Elementary Teachers in Michigan: MEC, with support from the Dart Foundation, will offer an environmental education workshop for elementary school teachers from August 9 -13 in Haslett, Michigan. The workshop will be held at the Murphy Elementary School. Participating teachers will receive a $1,000 stipend, including a $500 stipend upon successful completion of the unit and $500 upon successful completion of the program. Show link in new window

Earth Day Every Day: Sponsored by The Wilderness Society, this site explains how Earth Day came about and has information on migratory birds and Wilderness areas in North America. Show link in new window

Environment Canada: The Nature of Water: This site provides detailed information about water and its properties, and different types of water systems (groundwater to wetlands). Activities and references can be found in most of the sections, and links to information on water policy are also available. Show link in new window

Guided Tour on Wind Energy: Sponsored by The Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association. This site caters to both the expert and the novice of wind energy. Each section offers detailed information as well as images and diagrams. This is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about wind energy. Available in Dutch and German. Show link in new window

Developing Educational Standards: Search by State or subject area to see the new standards for education in the U.S. (downloadable). Show link in new window

Great Lakes Ecological Protection and Restoration : Information on the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Great Lakes, case studies, landscaping with Native plants and photo essays, from the EPA. Show link in new window

Wetlands of Canada: The site is divided into policy, science and research and conservation. A clickable map of Canada provides facts sheets on wetlands in the different ecoregions found in Canada. Show link in new window

Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Golden, CO.: Beautiful new EE facility that demonstrates sustainable design and construction, offers FREE EE services offered at LMNC and 15 other Jefferson County Open Space parks. Site lists program schedule, volunteer opportunities and more. Show link in new window

Adopt~A~Watershed: Adopt-A-Watershed is an integrated, sequential, K-12 science program focused on the local environment and emphasizing service in partnership with the community. Program includes a Leadership Institute, training and other services. Related listserves and information sharing forums coming soon. Show link in new window

Earth Partnership Program (Schoolyard Habitat Restoration): The Earth Partnership Program is a project of the UW-Madison Arboretum. The web site includes a program overview, 12 restoration-based research ideas for the classroom, an interactive workshop on woodland restoration (usable though still under construction), Earthteaching News, a photo gallery of some EPP school restorations, resources, and related links. Show link in new window

Rainforest Information Centre website: Topics include: Rainforests of the World; Causes of Rainforest Destruction; Solutions to Rainforest Destruction; Indigenous Peoples of the Rainforest; Rainforest Countries: Maps and Background Information Show link in new window

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