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  International - Africa

Find links on this page for projects and resources in this region.

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Links for International - Africa:


Education and Communication for Sustainability in Africa
A survey of environmental education provision in Africa." ECoSA is not an academic exercise - the results will be used to help target new and existing resources towards environmental education."

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Environment & Development magazine on-line
Environment & Development is the leading pan-Arab magazine on environment. It is also the first environmental magazine on-line in the Middle East. The site has a summary of contents and general environmental information from the region, and provides means of interaction among Arab environmentalists, international environmental groups and individuals interested in the Middle East region.

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Globe Program - Benin  Popular!
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment - Students in this international project are collecting data to evaluate desertification in this sub Saharan country.

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Science, environmental and agricultural education in Africa
Proceedings of the science, environmental and agricultural education stream of the BOLESWA Symposium on Educational Research for Quality of Life in Africa, held at the University of Swaziland, Southern Africa, in 1997

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Study Eco Education at Home
find out more about distance education courses via correspondence from South Africa.

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