Interactive Practice Exams in Microbiology 229: Spring 2000
  • Exams in this course will include questions in different formats:
    1. multiple-choice
    2. true-false
    3. short-answer
    Click below to select a practice exam with sample questions in all formats.

  • To take an exam, click the circle corresponding to your choice for each answer (multiple choice questions), or type a short answer into the dialog box (short answer questions).

  • These results are for your use only. No scores are kept. You can, and should, retake the exam several times, continuing to work on questions you got wrong, until you can answer all questions successfully.

  • The answer key to this exam is built into the exam, and is available interactively on the Web whenever you submit questions for grading. No other answer key will be posted.

practice exam #1 (last updated Wednesday 2/23/2000)

practice exam #2 (last updated Tuesday 4/4/2000)

practice exam #3 (last updated Tuesday 5/9/2000)