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Network News is a system allowing people to chat about a subject. These are a collection of biological news-groups and sites associated with them.

[info] HGMP-RC NewsSearch facility
[info] BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology
[info] Search BIONET Archives at IUBio
[info] Deja.com
[info] GenStructure FAQ
[info] MolBio.org - molecular biology/bioinformatics news and discussions

Detailed information on the above options

HGMP-RC NewsSearch facility
Using the HGMP-RC NewsSearch facility you can search the current articles in the bionet newsgroups (except bionet.molbio.genbank.updates).

The articles go back 30 days. If you're looking for older articles then you should try some of the other news archives.

BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology
This is the home site for the Biosci newsgroups.

Search BIONET Archives at IUBio
Query historical archives of news, giving access to the combined wisdom of the Biological net-news groups. A service provided by Don Gilbert at Indiana University.

Formerly Dejanews, this news archive includes the BIONET newsgroups, and is quite responsive.

GenStructure FAQ
The purpose of the GENSTRUCTURE newsgroup is to provide a proper forum for the discussion of issues pertaining and involving genome and/or chromatin structure and function.

Primarily it should enable those researchers who work in genome/chromatin structure or related fields to communicate ideas and information, as well as, provide a chance for collaboration among national and international research groups.

MolBio.org - molecular biology/bioinformatics news and discussions
This is a web portal for all things related to molecular biology and bioinformatics (including the related fields of cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, genomics, and biotechnology). Currently www.MolBio.org provides a news service where the web community can post information related to molecular biology (et al.) and bioinformatics. In addition to the news service, www.MolBio.org provides spam free discussion groups.

Do you have information to share such as:

Related to the fields of: Then please submit it to www.MolBio.org via the news form at http://www.molbio.org/postnews.cgi. The more info you post, the more useful www.MolBio.org will be. The information you post doesn't need to originate from yourself -- it can be anything you come across in searching the web, reading a journal, browsing bionet, etc... If in doubt, post it!

www.MolBio.org is loosely setup as a slashdot (www.slashdot.org) for biology.

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