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This provides utilities for constructing physical genomic maps

[info] Translate I.M.A.G.E. Consortium clone ID to clone name
[info] Physical Mapping Calculators
[info] Radiation Hybrid Mapping Information

Detailed information on the above options

Translate I.M.A.G.E. Consortium clone ID to clone name
Use this page to translate your IMAGE IDs into their corresponding CLONE NAMES. ;Simply enter your IMAGE IDs in the boxes below, and click on FIND CLONE NAMES.

Physical Mapping Calculators
The calculators below are tools for plotting certain measures of the experimental progress of physical mapping projects.

This calculator is the most trivial of all: it simply shows how the library redundancy and % of target genome covered depends on the number of clones.

This calculator deals with experiments based on hybridisations with randomly chosen short"anchor" probes.

These two calculate properties of contigs constructed by fingerprinting random clones.

Radiation Hybrid Mapping Information
This web site contains information and links relating to radiation hybrid mapping.

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