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Library indexes, bibliographic queries and other literature.

[info] CARL
[info] BIBSYS
[info] Portico - The British Library
[info] Online Computer Library Center Inc.
[info] BioMedNet
[info] Web of Science

Entrez, MEDLINE and the NLM

[info] ENTREZ - Search a subset of MEDLINE and associated gene sequences.
[info] Search MEDLINE at NLM
[info] Search MEDLINE
[info] EMBL MEDLINE Alert
[info] PubCrawler - It goes to the library. You go to the pub.
[info] BioMail - automated searching of PubMed
[info] National Library of Medicine - free databases
[info] Internet Grateful Med

Online Journals

[info] Journal of Biological Chemistry
[info] Cell
[info] Molecular Cell
[info] British Medical Journal
[info] Nature
[info] Bioinformatics
[info] Nucleic Acids Research
[info] Science
[info] PNAS
[info] Molecular Vision
[info] Frontiers in Bioscience
[info] New Scientist
[info] In Silico Biology (ISB)
[info] Molecular Biology Journals
[info] GenomeBiology.com
[info] Bioinformatics Information Technology & Systems (BITS)
[info] Briefings in Bioinformatics

Library Catalogues and Tables of Contents

[info] BL catalogues
[info] COPAC - the Online Public Access Catalogue
[info] Harvard Dept of MCB - Biology Links
[info] References to molecular biology programs (SeqAnalRef)
[info] Bioline
[info] SPRU Library Catalogue


[info] The Lightning Hypertext of Disease
[info] Human Genome News
[info] Annual Reviews
[info] Webster's Dictionary
[info] Roget's Thesaurus
[info] Finding Reprint Authors' E-Mail Addresses

Detailed information on the above options

This provides online access to a variety of information lookup services. These vary from news digests, to article delivery to library literature.

The online computer services are provided by the CARL Corporation. Some of the services require you to obtain passwords from this company and to set up financial accounts. Contact the CARL Corporation at database@carl.org or telephone [++1] 303-758-3030 for details.

There are a number of library catalogs and free databases available.

BIBSYS is a shared library system for all Norwegian University Libraries, the National Library and a number of research libraries. The BIBSYS database includes 1.8 million bibliographic records (mostly monographs). The database is free for all to search.

Portico - The British Library

Online Computer Library Center Inc.
FirstSearch is an interactive online information system that gives you vital, timely information about books, journal articles, films, computer software, and other materials in your subject area.

To access FirstSearch you need a valid FirstSearch service authorization number and password.

BioMedNet has a full text library of nearly 200 journals and databases including MEDLINE. The databases are password-protected, but registration is free.

EDINA BIOSIS provides networked access to the BIOSIS Previews database. BIOSIS Previews is the electronic version of Biological Abstracts (BA), the largest printed reference publication for life sciences research information, and Biological Abstracts/RRM (Reports, Reviews, Meetings), the companion printed reference to books, meetings and research reviews.

Thousands of life science journals, as well as international meetings and books from more than 90 countries are monitored for inclusion in BIOSIS Previews. The database contains bibliographic information from 1985 onwards for subjects ranging from traditional areas of biology such as botany, zoology and microbiology to related fields such as agriculture, pharmacology, biophysics, ecology, bioengineering, and experimental clinical medicine.

Web of Science
A trial service of ISI's Web of Science (WoS) is now available. The service is available to all institutions who currently subscribe to the CHEST ISI Agreement.

Access is by web browser, and is restricted to the IP addresses currently registered by the institution. Usernames and passwords are not requested or required.

The trial service contains data from 1993 to mid 1998, soon to be up to the current and updated weekly. The data consists of the Science and Social Science Citation Indexes, and the Arts and Humanities Index. ISTP is not available.

The service will be operational until the end of October 1998.

The main purpose of this trial is to give librarians and users the opportunity to explore and get familiar with the Web of Science. The server is a modest one and is not designed for a large number of users, but it should cope with the numbers of those who are likely to be seriously comparing the interface with that of the current service.

CHEST will be interested in feedback from those exploring the WoS service. Please email WoS-comments@chest.ac.uk or use the comment email feedback option that you will find at wos.niss.ac.uk.

ENTREZ - Search a subset of MEDLINE and associated gene sequences.
WWW Entrez allows you to retrieve citations and records in the area of molecular biology from the NCBI databases. These include :

This gives a simple forms interface to the complete MEDLINE.

It gives a simple forms interface to searching the Entrez subset of Medline.

Every week and month, new bibliographic references are added to the MEDLINE and Current Content databases. The Alert utility is designed to keep you abreast of these changes by sending you once per week, via email, the new database entries related to your field of interest.

PubCrawler - It goes to the library. You go to the pub.
PubCrawler offers a Web service where registered users can setup profiles which include search queries for NCBI's PubMed and GenGank.

These searches will be carried out at specific times from our local server. The results will be written to a HTML-file which is only accessible by the owner of the profile (sample).

PubCrawler keeps scientists informed of the current contents of Medline and GenBank, by listing new database entries that match their research interests.

BioMail - automated searching of PubMed
BioMail is a program that simplifies and automates searching for biological and medical literature. BioMail will search PubMed, the largest publically available online database for biomedical journals, using your search terms. BioMail then e-mails you the results weekly, biweekly or monthly as you choose.

National Library of Medicine - free databases

Internet Grateful Med
Internet Grateful Med offers assisted searching in MEDLINE and other online databases of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Searching MEDLINE requires a valid MEDLARS user ID code and password.

Journal of Biological Chemistry
This allows you to search for articles in previous editions of JBC, or to see the current edition.

Abstracts are available

The full text of articles is available to registered members or member sites.

This allows you to look at current and previous editions of Cell

It requires you to register with the journal.

Molecular Cell
This allows you to look at current and previous editions of Molecular Cell

It requires you to register with the journal.

British Medical Journal
This allows you to look at current and previous editions of the BMJ.

There is a powerful search interface.

The papers appear in full.

Registration is currently free. Registration allows searches of recent and back copies. The papers only appear as abstracts.

You do not have to be registered to do job searches.

Recent tables of contents, abstracts and other information available free of charge.

Nucleic Acids Research
Recent tables of contents, abstracts and other information available free of charge. Full text of articles is also available to subscribers of NAR

Full contents of articles.

Full contents of articles.

Molecular Vision
Molecular Vision is a peer-reviewed Web journal dedicated to the dissemination of research results in molecular and cell biology and genetics of the visual system (ocular and cortical).

As opposed to other scientific journals on the Web, Molecular Vision has no print counterpart. It is free.

Frontiers in Bioscience
This electronic journal and virtual library has been created in order to facilitate rapid dissemination of scientific data as well as to provide investigators with numerous online tools for use in their day-to-day research activities. A section of the journal is dedicated to publishing manuscripts that contain real time events.

Access to a large number of databases is quite easy from the journal. These include databases for analysis of scientific data, search strategies, dictionaries, atlases, tutorials, conferences, information on products of various manufacturers, links to online journals and many other valuable information. Access to the journal and these services is free.

New Scientist
Parts of this are only available if you have registered, this is free.

It contains news, features, reviews and comment drawn from the magazine each week, plus the answers to questions about puzzling scientific phenomena in everyday life and contributions from readers.

In Silico Biology (ISB)
In an attempt to bridge the gap between experimental scientists and the community of computational biologists,"In silico Biology" (ISB) has been established now as an online journal.

ISB will focus on publication of:

Molecular Biology Journals
A large selection of links to useful journals.

A new journal which will be mainly internet based with a paper copy backup.

Bioinformatics Information Technology & Systems (BITS)
This deals with the commercialisation of information technology and the companies involved for the bioinformatics marketplace.

Briefings in Bioinformatics
In an age of information overload, researchers want rapid, easy-to-use, reliable tools for functional characterisation of newly-determined sequences. But what are those tools? How do we access them? Which should we use?

Briefings in Bioinformatics answers these questions and more

BL catalogues
In 1994 the British Library (BL) introduced network access to their catalogues. They are working on something to replace this, to provide a more flexible and integrated access method (due 1999). The WWW interface is a way to provide greater access more immediately, but it is a bit basic.

All the catalogues are searchable through a simple interface. This gives access both to the Science Reference & Information Service's catalogue and to the Boston Spa catalogue (but they cannot be searched together in one step).

COPAC - the Online Public Access Catalogue
COPAC is the Online Public Access Catalogue providing access to the database of the Consortium of University Research Libraries. COPAC currently contains about 2.5 million records from Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Oxford. Records from other university library catalogues will be added shortly.

Harvard Dept of MCB - Biology Links
This is a large list of journals, publishers, conference proceedings, libraries etc.

References to molecular biology programs (SeqAnalRef)
This is a set of references to papers describing molecular biology programs.

You can enter words to search for like author's names, program names or names of operating systems.

Bioline Publications is an electronic publishing service for bioscientists. In collaboration with scientific publishers, newsletter editors and authors of reports, it aims to make scientific material available more easily and more cheaply.

Bioline Publications provides journals, books, reports, technical documents, conference proceedings, and newsletters in the disciplines of microbiology, biotechnology, biodiversity and bioinformatics.

Abstracts and summaries of papers in journals, contents lists and summaries of reports and newsletters are all available free of charge. To have the full text and graphics registration is necessary.

SPRU Library Catalogue
The SPRU Library and Information Service is part of the world-renowned Science Policy Research Unit, established at the University of Sussex. SPRU carries out academic research and teaching on policy issues relating to scientific research and technical change. A specialist library collection of some 35,000 documents and 400 journal titles has been built up over thirty years, which reflects the broad range of issues studied by the Unit. The catalogue to this collection represents a unique database on science policy and technology management, and incorporates selected journal references.

The Lightning Hypertext of Disease
This is a database composed of more than 21,000 items related to disease biology and related issues, inluding extensive treatment of cytogenetics and chromosome markers/mapping and tumor biology.

All searches are free, and, at this time, there is no limit to the number of permitted searches.

Some of the fields covered by the Lightning Hypertext are ignored by traditional paper texts, and include: statistics, epidemiology, incidence data, molecular biology and internet issues.

Human Genome News
This gives the contents of current and past issues of the DOE Newsletter.

Annual Reviews
Annual Reviews publishes 27 series covering three major fields as well as a number of special publications and Web based projects every year.

Webster's Dictionary
This Webster interface provides an interface for accessing the various Webster's dictionary services on the Internet. First, type the word for which you want the definition in the search window and hit return. Words in the resulting definition are hypertext linked back into the dictionary, allowing you to click on the definition of those related (and unrelated) words.

Roget's Thesaurus
This is an electronic version of the edition of Roget's Thesaurus published in 1911 by the Crowell company.

Finding Reprint Authors' E-Mail Addresses
This is a web page that makes it relatively easy to find the e-mail addresses of academic colleagues, for the purpose of requesting reprints.

Any Comments, Questions? Support@hgmp.mrc.ac.uk