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About the GenomeWeb

The GenomeWeb is the authoritative collection of the best genome related sites on the Web. It is:

Up to date
New links are constantly added, and old ones reviewed.
Unlike the major search engines, we check each link to ensure it adds value.
Fully searchable
Using state of the art Excite searching technology.
Fully verified
All the sites listed in the GenomeWeb are checked daily.
We search out those hard to find specialist sites.

Technical Details

The GenomeWeb is based on a database that contains all the URLs and site descriptions. This is used to create the categorized resource listings. Every day, all the URLs are extracted and are retrieved through our proxy cache server, so that we have the documents cached locally and anyone using our proxy server will get much faster access to the documents. This process also verifies that the URL is valid and that the document hasn't disappeared or moved. The documents are saved to disk and indexed using excite so that they can be searched.

Hardin MD Clean Bill of Health Strangely, not everybody takes the trouble to verify the links in their pages. We even got an award for being so successful at keeping our links up to date.

E-Mail: Support@hgmp.mrc.ac.uk