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To view a photo of a given species, click on its name. If you have photos of species that are not here, or if you have photos better than the ones you see here for a given species (or photos of a species in habitat), please e-mail the webmaster ( and we would be happy to display them.

The Cycad PagesRather than 'reinvent the wheel', we have provided links to Ken Hill's The Cycad Pages for many of the species listed below. Clicking on the Encephalartos ferox cone logo (right) at the bottom of each photo page will take you to the corresponding page in The Cycad Pages, where you can read more about the species and check its distribution. (Note: Ken Hill and The Cycad Pages are affiliated with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the links are used with permission.)

Cold-hardiness information is also available from Peter Hueppi's Cold-Rating Data Base for many of the species listed. Note: All of the links on the individual pages have not been updated since the Cold-Rating Data Base moved to a new server. However, you can click here to get freeze-damage statistics for all the cycad species in CRDB database.

We have also added a new section to the photo gallery for cycad fossils.

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