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'Argumenta Palaeobotanica'

Between 1966 and 1991 eight volumes of the journal 'Argumenta Palaeobotanica' were published by the late Professor Dr. Winfried Remy (1924-1995). Most of the contributions are by the Münster palaeobotany group, but also papers by renown authors from other institutes were included. The first five issues each consist of a text volume with a separate atlas with superbly printed photographic plates. Several benchmark papers were published in the 'Argumenta Palaeobotanica'. Especially noteworthy are modern classics like the papers by Winfried Remy and his coworkers on the Lower Devonian Rhynie Chert flora, including the first detailed descriptions of anatomically preserved gametophytes. An index of all eight volumes is given on the Argumenta Palaeobotanica Page.

We are pleased that we can offer these issues now for a strongly reduced price. A complete set of all eight volumes is available for:

US $ 50.- plus postage.

We still have a reasonable number of copies of all volumes, though some of the 24 plates of Vol 1 are getting scarce; however, missing plates will be replaced by good quality xerox copies.

All the money raised by selling 'Argumenta Palaeobotanica' volumes will be used to strengthen the Remy & Remy Fund, that was instituted last year at the meeting of the Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America at the IOP congress in Santa Barbara (1996). This fund will be used for instituting the Remy & Remy Award that will be given each year for the best palaeobotanical and/or palynological publication of the foregoing year.

'Argumenta Palaeobotanica' volumes can be ordered from Hans Kerp (Münster). North American colleagues can order their set from Thomas N. Taylor (Lawrence, KS). Order will be handled on a first come first served basis. Volumes will be sent by surface mail unless airmail is specifically requested. You will receive a separate bill with detailed payment instructions.

Take your chance to complete your library and support the
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