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- Plant Taxonomy -

James L. Reveal

Department of Plant Biology, University of Maryland,
College Park, Maryland 20742-5815

Copyrighted by the Norton-Brown Herbarium
University of Maryland


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Lecture Syllabus
Laboratory Syllabus

History of Systematic Botany
Plant Nomenclature
Principles of Plant Taxonomy
Sources of Taxonomic Evidence
Origin and Classification
Evolution, Variation and Biosystematics
Specimen Preparation and Herbaria
Methods of Identifying Vascular Plants
Floras and Systematic Botany Journals
Major World-Wide-Web and Internet Addresses
Selected families of Pteridophytes
Selected families of Gymnosperms
Selected families of Angiosperms
  • Magnoliidae

  • Hamamalididae

  • Caryophyllidae

  • Dilleniidae

  • Rosidae

  • Asteridae

  • Alismatidae

  • Arecidae

  • Commelinidae

  • Zingiberidae

  • Liliidae

  • Systems of Vascular Plant Classification
  • Cronquist

  • Dahlgren

  • Reveal

  • Takhtajan

  • Thorne

  • Plant Collection Requirements and Equipment
    Sample examination questions

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