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BIO 207
Intersession 1999
3-5 and 6-9:10 P S215
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Plants and Human Affairs

Ross Koning
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Winter Session 1999 Schedule

DateLectureReadingsLab Exercise
Jan 4 MonWhy Study Plants?11-7Laboratory Startup
Jan 5 TueScientific Method117-9How Does a Scientist Work?
Start Fermentation
Plant Cells18-25
Jan 6 WedPlant Cell Types51-3, 71-5Morphology and Anatomy
Plant Leaves45-50, 67-71, 115-6
Plant Stems39-44, 54-64, 103-4, 107-8
Jan 7 ThuPlant Roots35-8, 65-7, 105-6, 113-4Flower Morphology
Exam I through rootsHoneybee Biology
What is a Plant?182-4
Plant Flowers159-165
Jan 11 MonHoneybee BiologyHoneybee BiologyBee Hyperattractive
Seed Germination Start
Weed & Hormones Prep
Jan 12 TuePollination Types175-7Fruits and Seeds
Pollen and Embryo Sac166-174
Fruit Types177-182
Jan 13 WedFruit Growth & Ripening127-9MacMendel
Seeds and Seed Germination26-34,185-7
Jan 16 SatExam II through seed germ. Vegetative Propagation
Seed Germination Counts
Jan 19 TueSoil Texture, Fertilizers, Soil pH144-151Soil Analysis
Bring Soil Sample
Watering, Irrigation, Mulch137-144, 100-1, 120-6, 151-8
Jan 20 Wed Genetics Quiz  Water Relations
Light, Photoperiodism100-1, 120-6, 151-8, 133-6
Jan 21 Thu Veg Prop101-2, 108-111 Light Relations
Veg. Prop. counts
Jan 22 Fri Pruning, Grafting  Finish Hormones, Seed G., Veg. Prop., etc.
Plant Preservation
Exam III