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Provisional Global Plant Checklist

Managed by the International Organization for Plant Information (IOPI), the Global Plant Checklist (GPC) is a cooperative international project designed to help humanity manage the earth's biodiversity efficiently and sustainably.

This prototype for IOPI's GlobalPlant Checklist Project demonstrates how the Checklist works, and serves as an aid for developing data entry and botanical editing procedures. We are now seeking funds to implement the fully relational database version as well as the distributed database approach described in the Checklist Project Plan.

The Database

The Global Plant Checklist will encompass about 300,000 vascular plant species and over 1 million names. Upon completion, the Checklist will include non-vascular plants (mosses, lichens, algae and liverworts), providing a taxonomic backbone to which users can append their more specialized information.

Up to now, records from 6 major floristic datasets have been imported, as well as 2 specialized family datasets. With a total of 240849 source records, the GPC now covers 201,397 different plant names.

new_tiny.gif (144 bytes) To illustrate the implementation of "Potential Taxa" used in this database, some data provided by the TaxLink Project Working Group (Universität Göttingen, 1998) have been added. Try a query for "Warnstorfia fluitans"!


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