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Project of the Environmental Education & Training Partnership
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  EE-Link Introduction

- Your Link to Environmental Education Resources on the Internet.

Welcome to EE-Link. If you've been here before, you'll find a new and simpler organization to the site (implemented October 1998). If this is your first time, we hope you enjoy it, and that you'll come back and visit us again.

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Main Section:
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  • Site Map
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EE Professional Resources:
  • Professional Resources
  • EE Publications
  • Enviro Publications
  • EE Mailing Lists
  • Other Mailing Lists
  • GreenCom Database
  • Teacher Education
  • Higher Education

Grants & Jobs Section:
  • Grants - General Information
  • Grants - Envi. Educ
  • Student Awards & Grants
  • Grant Search
  • Job Search

EE Classroom Resources:
  • Classroom Resources-Directories
  • Audiovisual and Software Links
  • Student EE Sites
  • EE-Related Education Sites

EE Orgs & Projects:
  • EE Orgs + Projects-General
  • International Programs
  • State and Regional
  • Government Sites
  • Associations
  • Orgs & Projects by Topic

Environmental Facts & Data:
  • Environmental Links

Search Pages:
  • Search Page
  • Databases
  • Jobs Search
  • Grants Search

Our Mission. EE-Link is a strong presence for Environmental Education (EE) on the Internet. Consistent with the Key Principles of Environmental Education, EE-Link develops and organizes Internet resources to support, enhance and extend effective environmental education in grades K-12. The EE-Link project is responsible for development of this website, conducting training workshops, and promoting interaction and exchange among environmental education students, teachers and professionals.

Using EE-Link. On every EE-Link page, there are three areas from which to navigate. You will find links to:

  • Major content areas (Sections) in the upper left corner.
  • Information about EE-Link itself below the banner. The Search page is also here.
  • Other EE-Link pages related to the page you are viewing to the left of the page text.

Many pages also have links to information on other sites--these are at the end of the page text.

Additional EE-Link Services. EE-Link provides Internet hosting, WWW design, and training for environmental organizations. See the Network Services page for details.

A Special Request ... EE-Link has evolved and adapted as quickly as everything else on the Internet. In order to keep this development in line with your needs, we would appreciate your feedback, through a brief SURVEY. Thanks for your input!

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