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 Endangered Species - Main Page

Endangered Species - Getting Started
  • Get Started - Top 10 Starting Points
  • Our Most Popular Links - See What Others Find Useful
  • Definitions - What is an endangered species after all -- plus much more.
  • Causes - Why are species becoming endangered and extinct? Find out why.

  • Enter the short name or a few letters of the common name of the species to begin your search.
    Endangered Species Lists
  • Lot's of good info from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • State Lists A better way to find endangered species info in your state.
  • International Lists -- learn what species are endangered out side the U.S.
  • Proposed Species -- see those species that are headed toward extinction but not yet on the endangered list.
    Extinct Species
  • Overview of Species Extinction
  • All Known Extinctions
  • Impact of Species Loss
    Species Facts, Data, and Pictures
  • Our Large and Growing Species - Specific Info - huge amounts of info here!!
  • Important Threatened Species - Learn more about other key species.
  • Pictures of Endangered Species
    Current News Events and Sources
  • Current News
  • Publications and Research
    Take Action
  • Taking Action -- What you can do.
    Organizations 100's of Organizations
    Try a Search: Search the GAIN Database of environmental organizations.
    Species Recovery:   
  • Species Recovery Progs.   
  • Zoos
    US State Info:   
  • State Listings
  • Try our National Map
    Image Map of US Regions
    An easy way to find local US info
    International Organizations

  • Global Some of these are US based
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • UK and Ireland
  • Australia and New Zealand

    The Biggest: The Top Ten Non-Governemental Orgs in Endangered Species protection.  

    Laws and Policy
  • The Endangered Species Act of 1973 - The full text.
  • U.S. Policy
  • Treaties - International Agreements.
  • Govermnent Info. - Facts, data and position papers from government entities.
    Education and Interactive Kids Stuff
  • Endangered Species Sites for and by KIDS
  • Software for Kids.
  • A Great Listing of Educational Activities on EE-Link

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