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Picture to the left: Chara spec. Electron microscopic image through the apical meristem of a female plant. Voluminous internodal cells (I) are surrounded by small bark cells (R cortical cells). Lateral branches (S) originate always at nodes (K). At the three nodes of a lateral branch (at the left ) develop oogonial complexes (J. D. PICKETT-HEAPS, 1975)

Picture at the right: Electron microscopic image through four developing antherids at the node of a lateral branch. Antherid development is a strictly deterministic process. From the left to the right are subsequent stages of division and development shown. The youngest stage is the left one, the oldest is at the right. (J. D. PICKETT-HEAPS, 1975)

Picture to the left: Light microscopic takings (microtome cuttings): apical meristeme. The two derivatives below the apical cell differentiate to a multi-cellular internodium (photo by: W. KASPRIK).

Picture at the right: Male gametangium. It is surrounded by sterile cells (photo by: W. KASPRIK).

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