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Microtubuli Within Plant Cells

a. and b.: Mitoses in the root meristem of Allium. 3a, c and e: rhodamine - phalloidine staining (specific for actin); 3b, d and f: labelling of the microtubuli by indirect immunofluorescence (b. preprophase band, d and e microtubuli as components of the nuclear spindle, microtubuli in plant cells. bar: 10µm

Telophase states, rhodamine - phalloidine staining. 4a early and 4b late state of the phragmoplast formation, 4c and d equal patter of the distribution of actin ( c) and of microtubuli (proven by indirect immunofluorescence (d) in one and the same cell (L. CLAYTON and C. W. LLOYD, 1985). bar: 10µm

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