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Macerated Wood. Xylem Elements in Interference Contrast.

Drimys winteri (Winteraceae): Primitive angiosperm wood. Pits at the lateral walls.

Left: Castanea sativa:Vessels with scalariform perforations next to the ends. Right: Aeseulus hippocastanum: Vessels with simple perforations next to their ends and perforation plates in the lateral walls.

Left: Quercus robur: Vessel. Short, stout cell with an open and a sharpened end. The lateral walls are perforated by slit-shaped pits. Right: Quercus robur. A decomposing vessel. The body of the long tube consists of short vessel elements (left picture) that are stacked end to end.

Left: Robinia pseudoacacia: wide luminous vessel element with simple perforations. Pit fields in lateral walls Right: Platanus platanoides: vessel element with scalariform perforated end plate

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