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Development of a Glandular Hair at the Leaf Epidermis of
Origanum dictamnus (Lamiaceae)

1. Basal cell and initial of the glandular hair, mother cell of the head, stalk cell. 1. to 3. Different states of development of the initial, 4. First periclinal division, the basal cell is formed. The peripheral cell is enriched in plasma, 5. Developing glandular hair, consisting of a basal cell, the stalk cell and the mother cell of the head, 6,7. Subsequent anticline divisions of the head mother cell. Twelve cells develop: four are central and eight are grouped together in a peripheral ring. 8,9. Gland development: secretion is produced and is stored in an extracellular space directly below the cuticle, 10. Aged glandular hair after release of the secretion by tearing off of the cuticle (A. BOSABALIDIS; I. TSEKOS, 1982)..

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