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Pictures of the Development of a Wheat Spike taken with the Aid of a Scanning Electron Microscope

Upper Set of Pictures: top left: tip of the shoot, apical shoot apex; lower left: leaf primordium; middle picture: elongation growth of the shoot; transition from the vegetative to the generative state. The continued elongation of the apex displays an early formation of a series of leaf primordia; picture to the right: face view of spike with enlarging spikelets and early glume primordia;

Lower Set of Pictures: to the left: side view of spike showing glume primordia; middle picture: face view of a spike as the florets begin to differentiate: lemma (c) and glume primordias (d) are visible. Note that the most mature spikelets are in the center to lower third of the developing spike. to the right: side view of a spike showing anther primordia subtended by lemma and glume primordia (J. S. GARDNER, W. M. HESS, E. J. TRIONE, 1985)

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