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Peter v. Sengbusch is Professor of Biology at the University of Bielefeld and a permanent Visiting Scientist at the Institut für Allgemeine Botanik, University of Hamburg. He received his Ph.D. in 1965 from the University of Tübingen. His present interest is in developing electronic media for teaching. He is the author of textbooks on General Biology, Molecular- and Cell Biology and Botany - and he is chief editor of Botany online.
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Alice Bergfeld is a biologist who received her diploma at the University of Berlin. She does the translation and is the English editor of Botany online.

Dr. Rolf Bergmann is a Microbiologist, working as an Akademischer Rat at the University of Hamburg. He is our expert for all hard- and software applications, and he is author of all interactive 3D files showing molecular models.


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