Agriculture, sci.agriculture

APS Discussion Groups, hosted by the American Phytopathological Society. Select a conference of interest. Anonymous login or login with password.

Arabidopsis, bionet.genome.arabidopsis

Biosafety Forum, an online discussion forum developed by Bioline. You can open a new topic or send a comment to a topic. A help file is available.


BT Wired, maintained by J. Graeber & D. Dornbos, Norvatis Seeds. A discussion forum on Bacillus thuringensis products from Norvatis Seeds.

Discussion Forum of the Bacteriology Committee, American Phytopathological Society, Bacteriology Committee.


Garden Forum: Pests & Diseases, the Garden Web. This forum is provided for the discussion of all forms of garden pests and plant diseases. Instructions for using this forum is available on the site. You can use the On-Line Form for posting a new message or reply to another. Messages are listed by date or you can also search the hole forum by keyword.

IPM Talk. Discuss resources, tools, techniques, and current issues in Integrated Pest Management.

Liszt, the mailing list directory. It contains more than 90000 lists, over 90 "science" and 100 "nature" mailing lists. YOu can browse by subject or search by keywords.

Microbiology (Bionet), bionet.microbiology


Mycology, bionet.mycology

Phytopathology (, moderated by T. Kraska, Institute for Plant Diseases, University Bonn, Germany This group is a forum for all plant pathologists including applied entomologists, open to all aspects concerning phytopathology, pests, plant health and plant protection. Click here for more information!

SAF Internet Discussion Groups, maintained by Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food (SAF), Government of Saskatchewan, Canada. In the moment 17 discussion groups on: Ag in the Classroom, Biotechnology, Business, Coffee Talk, Computers, Conferences, Crops, Food, Horticulture, Livestock, Machinery, Marketing, Organic Production, Research, Tillage & Fertilizer, Women in Ag and Water. The groups are searchable by word, sender and date of posting. Not all groups are closely related to plant pathology.

Virology, bionet.virology

Wright's Pestlaw Discussion Groups, maintained by J. Wright, PestLaw Online. Two moderated groups are available: Pesticide End-Users (debate and seek information on specific products and other pesticide related issues) and Pesticide Professionals (discuss and debate recent developments as well as regulatory, enforcement, data compensation and other pesticide related issues).

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