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Ag-Chem Commission Co., Cornelius, Oregon, USA. Products: Fertilizers, Chemicals (including herbicides and fungicides), oil by-products, feed & seed. Available information: company, products, staff, contacts, services, Ag Site Links and more.

AgrEvo, a Company of Hoechst and Schering (see also Aventis Cropscience). "Plant Health Product": Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Acaricides, Defoliant, Desiccant and Seed Treatment. You can choose the crop(s) and/or product type and get the available detailed product information. If you do not want to select a product or crop you can use 'all' as a default or you search for a specific product by name. If you search for country specific information you can visit the AgrEvo sites in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico or USA. AgrEvo provides information about "Environmental Health Products" and "Plant Biotechnology" (including questions & answers, general biotechnology information and products). In the service section you could order various brochures covering topics like Biotechnology or Integrated Crop Management. Further available are information on AgrEvo (Facts & Figures, Visions), their services, contact, search functions and more. The Plant Health Product section comes with all the information you need and is very well structured. The site is very easy to navigate.

Agro Engineering Inc., Alamosa, USA. Comprehensive Agricultural and Water Resources Consulting. Offered Services: Irrigation Water Management, Water Resource Planning and Design, Soil and Plant Fertility Testing and Recommendations, Integrated Pest Management and Disease Management, Aerial Photography and Interpretation, Applied Research, Training, Potato Storage Evaluations and Harvester Bruise Evaluations, Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery.

AGRON, Agrochemicals Development and Marketing Ltd., Rehovot, Israel. Involved in development, registration and sale of environmentally benign agrochemicals and offering insecticides and fungicides, which are environmentally safe, can be used in IPM programs. Product range includes insecticidal detergents and soaps, microbial biopesticides, botanical extracts, mycorrhizal products, pheromones and traps. Available: general information, products, contact, links.

Ag-Serv Trading Pty Ltd, Buderim Qld, Australia. Spayers for pesticides with controlled droplet application (CDA), Ultra Low Volume (ULV). CDA ULV sprayers, that cut usage with better coverage of the crop.

Agtrol International, USA. Agtrol is a manufacturer and marketer of high quality chemicals to the agricultural industry throughout the world. This site gives information on their fungicide and growth regulator line of products. Included are their labels, MSDS, packaging details, name and location of the nearest salesmen, and, within the USA, the name and telephone numbers of local distributors of these products. An interesting feature is a database showing photographs of healthy and diseased plants with the label instructions for treating them with the Agtrol products. Inquires or comments can be forwarded through E-mail links to the various functions of the organization.

A H Marks and Company Limited Organic Chemical Manufactures. Agrochemical Products: supplier of phenoxy propionic, acetic and butyric herbicides. You can get detailed information on their agrochemical products (e. g. which weeds can be controled) and more.

American Cyanamid Company, a subsidiary of American Home Products Corporation (AHP), headquarters in New Jersey, USA. In the "Product" section you will find detailed information on Herbicides (soybean, peanut, alfalfa, corn, cotton, small grains, rice, sugarcane & non-cropland), Fungicides, Insecticides, Soil Erosion Polymers and Spray-Adjuvants. In the "Tool" section you will find an excellent weed guide and corn insect guide. The "Professional Resources" is including calculators & worksheets or latest press releases. Much more information can be found here like news, IMI-corn catalog, product label information, employment opportunities and more. For country specific information vist one of there sites in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Italy or United Kingdom. Navigation is very easy, you will not get lost. The server of Cyanamid is very userfriendly and highly useful.

Amersham Lifescience Inc. Specialised products for Molecular Biology and investiagtion of the fundamental processes of living cells. Products & Services, Publications, News & New Products. Detailed information on their products, ordering information.

ATCG Biological Reagents Home Page: Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guides on the Web, Molecular Biology, restriction enzymes, protocols.

Aventis Crops Science, based in Lyon, France. Available functions: products, search, contact, calendar, local sites. Information: about Aventis, position papers (e.g. biotechnology), crops (e. g. product solutions), environmental sciences with product portfolios and media section.

BASF - Crop Protection Site, Headquarters: Ludwigshafen, Germany. In "Facts & Figures" you will find the list of acive ingredients (the most important are herbicides and fungicides). Selecting an active ingredient will lead you to the product information. What else can be found here: agricultural research with a special topic on Kresoxim-methyl, links, news, sites & addresses, food for all, contact to crop protection, feedback and search. The page is also available in German. Click on the BASF logo to go to the home page with general information and services not directly related to plant pathology.

Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany. Products, Research, Environmental Protection & Safty. Pages in English and German.

Bayer Agriculture Division in the US, Kansas City. Besides general information about the agricultural division you will find Crop Protection in the US with detailed information. Crop Protection Products: Here you can get detailed Information on Bayer Products (product by name or by crop). If you choose 'by crop' you will come to the Crop Protection Guides which are available for apple & pear, cotton, grape, peanut, potato, stonefruit, tobacco, vegetables and wheat. Here you will also find the Farm Chemicals Handbook (Pesticide Dictionary, is arranged alphabetically by product or chemical name). Labels and MSDS: A search system, select a product, active ingredient or product type to get further information (easy to use). Comments and Feedback Page.

Bayer Crop Protection, Pflanzenschutzzentrum Monheim, Leverkusen, Germany. In facts you will find information on fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and more. You will get detailed information on their products, developments as well as backgrounds. Further available: News, magazine, research (covering main research areas and research locations in Monheim, Kansas City and Yuki) and around the world. The magazine covers topics like plant protection, food for the world, specific topics (e.g. Microscreening) and environmental issues. For more information you can also visit one of the other Crop Protection Sites for Italy, North Europe or USA.

Boehringer Mannheim Biochemicals, publicazions (e. g. Manuals), products & application, technicals services

Calgene, the premise behind Calgene was to apply genetic engineering as it related to agriculture.

Cardiff Pest Control Inc. Services provided: General Pest Control, Weed Control, Termite Control, Ornamental Pest Control, Inspection Reporst, Alternative Methods (minimizing pesticide use) and more.

Clontech Home Page.

Cooper Mills Ltd., , Madoc, Ontario, Canada. Suppliers of biological and chemical control products for insect and vegetation management. Available information: About the company, The role of pheromones in Pest Management, Available Products, Insect Identification and Monitoring Guides, Contact procedure.

DowAgroSciences (DowElanco is now DowAgroScience), The American Home Page, Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. This is the server site for North America, but you can select a region from the worldwide map (North America, Europe, Pacific, Latin America) to get specific information. Beside USA following countires offer additonal information: Canada, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom The provided information for the regions differ in content and amount. The American sites offer a lot of information (especially USA and Canada). You will find products and product guides for Professional Pest Control, Agricultural Crops, Home Pest Control, Range & Pasture, Biotechnology, Plant Genetics and more. Dow AgroSciences has a broad product portfolio including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Further available (not provided by all sites): general information (e. g. addresses), Industrial Vegetation Management, What's New, Environment, Feedback and more. Information on the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) and Label & MSDS system is available for America. DowAgroSciences is offering very detailed information on their products. The search is the easiest way to find a specific product and all available information.

DuPont, Homepage of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Try the NEWS or SEARCH (e. g. plant protection as keywords) for getting information.

DuPont (Agricultural Products), sites in Canada, United States, Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Australia. DuPont is a leading producer of low-use-rate herbicides (sulfonylureas, with detailed information on benefits, biological principles, fact sheets & documents). After selecting a country you will get detailed information on plant protection products, services, user feedback, frequently asked questions, news & press information and more. The American site offers detailed product information and several guidelines in their information desk section. The different server sites provide country specific as well as general information.

Eden Bioscience Corporation, Bothell, Washington, USA. Discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialization of protein based plant vaccine and growth enhancement products for use in commercial agriculture.

Elf Atochem North America, Inc. (ATO), is a diversified chemical manufacturer headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Their products: agrichemical, fine, industrial & specialty chemicals and others. Agrichemicals for crop protection in the field (pesticides) and after harvest (e.g. anti oxidants, fruit coatings). Further available: News, market and company information, contact, search and Elf Atochem Web Sites in France, Germany, USA, China and elsewhere.

EnviroGuard (UK) Limited Pest Control and Prevention, Penshurst Enterprise Centre, Kent, United Kingdom. New techniques in control technology.

Fine Agrochemicals Limited (FAL), Whittington, Worcester, UK. Product Range: Plant Growth Regulators, Spray Adjuvants, fruit storage aid and more. Further avilable: about FAL, contact and links. FAL was founded to research, develop, manufacture and market speciality niche agrochemicals.

Green Light, San Antonio, Texas, USA. Their product line includes insecticides (including neem oil products), herbicides, dust & baits, fungicides and plant care products. Further available: news, FAQs, purchase, services and about the company. In their products section you will find details on single products, environmentally friendly products are indicated.

Horticultural Alliance, Inc. (HAI), Sarasota, USA. Horticultural Alliance manufactures "cocktails" for forestry, nursery and landscape markets. Products contain ecto and endomycorrhizae, biostimulants, yucca, etc. Their goal is to combine mycorrhizal inoculants, biostimulants, beneficial bacteria and superabsorbent polymers for the practical use. You will get detailed information on their products, possible applications and ordering information. Information on research is also available.

HortiTech, Horticulture Research International (HRI), Wellesbourne, Warwick, UK. Services in scientific research and development. Available: General information, contact and news. Click on 'Click here' to find six major branches: seed, propagation, dignostic, publication, R & D, and bio-waste.


Kovach Computing Service (KCS), Anglesey, Wales. This WWW page provides customer support and information for the KCS line of inexpensive and easy to use statistical software. You can get the latest shareware versions of various statistical software or of population dynamics simulation. Links to other statistical pages. KCS consulting service. Order KCS software.

Mandops, Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK. Products: Plant Growth Regulators, Pod shatter control, Adjuvants and Foliar plant health fertilisers.

Monsanto World-Wide Web Server, including Monsanto Crop Protection.

Monsanto Agricultural Sector Website. Monsanto offers a wide range of crop production technologies, ranging from seed technology to herbicides. They offer a variety of products to help homeowners keep lawns and gardens pest-free and productive. Moreover, they also provide peciality products. A big part of ther online service is dedicated to biotechnology. You can get detailed information on there latest developments and research like the Bollgard gene in cotton which makes plants resistant to insects or the herbicide tolerant transgenic plants. After you selct a topic from the menu (crop, speciality uses, lawn) you can choose the different availavle products to get detailed information on the product, environmental issues, FAQs, innovation and news. You can also visit one of the Monsanto regional server sites ( Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, or United Kingdom). Also available: general information (who we are), global regions, products, biotechnology, news, links, search, feedback and the register possibility. Register on this site and you will always be informed about news since your last visit (a really useful feature).

Mycogen Corporation Home Page, San Diego, USA. You will find information about Mycogen Corporation, Seeds, News and some links. Crop Protection: Mycogen has developed a growing line of environmentally compatible microbial and fatty acid insecticides, fungicides and herbicide products. They are manufacturing Biopesticides like the encapsulated Bt based insecticides.

Mycotech, USA. Mycotech is committed to finding innovative and environmentally responsible methods for controlling plant pests. They are offering Biopesticides, Mycoinsecticides, Miticides, Fungicides, Insecticides (found in sections Agriculture, Greenhouse & Nursery). Further available: About Mycotech, contact, distributor. For their products you will find detailed information on best management practices, labels, and material safety data sheets.

New England Biolabs, NEB Home Page

Nomix-Chipman, Bristol, UK with sites in Australia, Canada, France, Spain and USA. Nomix-Chipman supplies herbicides and weed-killing equipment. On the different available sites you will find Herbicides, Hand Sprayers, Equipment Mounted Sprayers, Frequently Asked Questions, Literature Request, Dealers, Pricing, and/or Droplet Spectrum Analysis depending on the site you have chosen.

Novartis Crop Protection. Products: insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, seed treatment, turf & ornamentals, plant care products, and plant activators. Information can be found in sections 'what we do' and products with a searchable product database. The product database can be searched by product (e.g. fungicide), Main field of application (crops), spectrum of activity, trademark and active compound. If you are interested in specific product information you select one of these countries: Argentina, Australasia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, UK, or USA. Use the country specific sites to explore Novartis crop protection for detailed information. The Canadian site is providing several online guides for diseases, weeds or a disease risk guide. What else can be found on the crop protection site? The Carta Nova (General mission information), new skills (e.g. research), why and where they are, information (including media releases and links), a story box, site map and contact.

Organic Mushrooms, Biologische Pilze - an organic mushroom farm, Marktheidenfeld, Germany. Products and information on growing mushrooms including information on the use of mycorrhizal fungi.

Ortho Online, Products: Rose Care, Weed Control (Herbicides), Ants & Flies, Controlling Bugs Outdoors, Disease Control (Fungicides), Applicators, and Books. Yard Care: Rose Encyclopedia, Problem Solver. FAQs (Ask Us).

Pan Britannica Industries (PBI) Limited: Agrochemicals, Britannica House, Hertfordshire, UK. Agrochemical Products: Fungicides (e.g. against potato blight), Insecticides, Herbicides, and other products (e. g. nutritional supplements, control of molluscs). Further available: Development, export, products manufacturing.

Promega, Biotechnology.

Rhône-Poulenc Home Page, (see also Aventis Cropscience), Courbevoie Cedex, France. Available: about the group, activities (including plant health), human resources, environment, research, contacts, library and more. to get detailed information of parts of the group go to "our web sites". Plant Health sites are available for USA (Rhône-Poulenc Agro), Australia, Denmark (Agro Norden), France and United Kingdom. On these server sites you will find detailed information on products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant regulators, nematicides...), product manuals, MSD sheets, pest identification (UK), discussion groups (USA), complete product labels in PDF-format (USA) and more.

Scott's Company,headquartered in Marysville, Ohio, USA. The Scott'S company is producer and marketer of products for lawn care & gardening, professional turf care, and professional horticulture. They are offering plant care products (including indoor plants and ornamentals), plant protection products, fertilizers and more. The Gardening section includes flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs and houseplants. The 'contact' section features frequently asked questions (FAQs) and for some sections a problem solving guide is available (e.g. in Lawn Care). Also available: general information, investor relations and contact. The easiest way to navigate thru this site is to select the 'site map' where you will find a good overview (you will find the site map at the bottom of the home page).

Stefes Agro GmbH, headquarters: Kerpen, Germany. Available: general information (Stefes - your partner, cost effective solutions), current information, reliable (reliable plant protection, active ingredients & uses, Stefes Products), contact and more. The products include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, adjuvants and others.

Sumitomo Chemical, main offices in Osake and Tokyo, Japan. Available: about the company, products, research & development, responsible care, news, links. Products include insecticedes, herbicides, insect growth regulators, plant growth regulators. In R&D you will find their different laboratories like the Biotechnology Lab. The Product pages are still under construction.

Tanglefoot, adhesive pest management and tree protection products. The Tanglefoot Company, Grand Rapids, MI, USA. Products: Yellow Sticky Traps, Insect Trap Coating, Pest Barrier, Bird Repellents, Tree Pruning Sealer, Tree Wound and Grafting Compound. Available Information: Company information, products, technical bulletin, links, e-mail.

Terra Industries Inc., Sioux City, Iowa, USA. Terra Industries is a marketer and producer of nitrogen fertilizer, crop protection products, seeds and further services. Available: Growers resource, dealer directory, news, jobs and Terra Nitrogen (fertilizer). Their products include Greenhouse & Nursery Products, Turf & Landscape Ornamental Products, Vegetation Management Products and Fertilizers. The 'growers resource' includes their product line, seed selector, a discussion forum, and how to maximize your yield.

Tree Injections Product Co. (TIPCO), Knoxville, USA. The Tree Doctor: Mauget Micro-Injection of fertilizers, fungicides or insecticides; Tree Topping; Biostimulants; Directory of professional arborists; Mycorrhizal Fungi (MycorTree products); Links; fertilizers and bookstore.

Tree Pro Inc, West Lafayette, Indiana. Offering an Integrated state-of-the art plant and tree care system designed to optimize tree and plant health and growth.

Universal Cooperatives, headquarter in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. Farm Chemicals include a full array of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, inoculants, seed treatments, and specialty products, as well as lawn and garden chemicals.

Urania Agrochem GmbH, Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany. Information on this server is in the moment only available in German, but you can get the information in English on request (send an e-mail to Urania, can be found on the starting page). Availbale Information: About Urania (Die Urania Agrochem GmbH), products (Programm-Übersicht), news and general information (Aktuelle Informationen, Informations-Depot) and marketing & advisory service (Verkaufsorganisation und Fachberatung). Products are including insecticides, biological insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, growth regulators or fertilizer. The products are grouped by sections for cereals & agriculture, fruit growing, home garden, tree nursery, horticulture, and public green.

Valent U.S.A. Corporation, Home Office in Walnut Creek, CA. Their agricultural product line includes insecticides and herbicides for a wide range of crops. For each product is detailed information given (e.g. full text label, MSDS) and you can request additional information for their products. In their professional line you will find information special program for greenhouses and nurseries, golf courses and more. Further available: corporate information, news, events, search. The site is easy to navigate and offers pull down menus in their product lines.

Zeneca, headquarters in UK. Home page of Zeneca with detailed company information. Select a country specific site of Zeneca to get detailed information on fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and more or visit the "International Overview Site". Agrochemical and plant protection sites are located in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, or Sweden. The canadian site provides a pest section where you select first a crop and then a pest to get detailed information. The german site comes with a diagnostic trainer where you can simulate important diseases of cereals.

Zeneca Agrochemicals (International Overview) provides a range of products which help to control pests, weeds and diseases. Go to the Site Menu for detailed information. 'At a glance' is a short introduction on the company. 'Worldwide' includes information on the various locations of Zeneca. 'Principal Products' is divided into: Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Speciality Pesticides and key to symbols. Further available: Research & Development at Zeneca, financial highlights, Zeneca Plant Science, What's New? and Stewardship. For detailed information on a specific product vist also the country specific web sites of Zeneca.

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