Frontiers in Undergraduate Research: Arts, Science, and Humanities (FURASH)

       Last April, the University of Connecticut Honors Program sponsored the 2nd Annual Frontiers in Undergraduate Research: Arts, Science, and Humanities Forum.  More than 40 undergraduate students from more than 10 different departments presented results of original research and project work in a public forum at the Student Union.  Based on many comments from students, parents, faculty and staff, this event was very successful and we are currently planning to hold the 3rd annual FURASH on April 14-15, 2000.

 We would like the event to encompass the entire spectrum of activities engaged in by talented undergraduates throughout the University.  The common use of the term "research" may be too restrictive and not necessarily reflective of the creative endeavors that we wish to highlight.  In order to include all disciplines, the title of the event includes the Arts, Science, and Humanities for a broader approach.  If you are involved with an undergraduate or a group of undergraduates in a project which features discovery and creativity, we would like to receive an abstract from them.  There are clearly many different ways to approach this program, and they can include innovative projects in the fine arts as well as biochemistry.  We look forward to submissions from students from every branch of study.

Who is Eligible?

This event is open to all undergraduate students.  Any undergraduate or team of undergraduates involved in original project work that has progressed to the point that permits communication of its essential elements should be encouraged to submit abstract.  Abstracts will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of faculty and staff.  We will accept no more than 40 abstracts for presentation.

Please note.  If an eligible undergraduate student graduated in December, or will be away from campus during that time, their work can still be submitted.  If their abstract is accepted for presentation, then the advisor and/or peer familiar with the work will need to be at the poster display.

How and What to submit?

Please encourage undergraduate students involved in projects to contact us for an Abstract packet.  The written Abstract (300 words) is due by March 1st, 2000 and a decision on acceptance will be made by March 13th, 2000.  For further information and questions, please contact:
Bob Vieth, Chair of FURASH