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This is a collection of taxonomic/phylogenetic databases.

[info] The Tree of Life
[info] The NCBI Taxonomy Homepage
[info] Ribosomal Database Project (RDP)
[info] ZooBase - taxonomic database

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The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is a system designed to contain information about the phylogenetic relationships of organisms, to link biological information available on the Internet in the form of a phylogenetic navigator, and to illustrate the diversity and unity of groups of living organisms.

The NCBI Taxonomy Homepage
Browse the taxonomic tree of species in the Genbank database. Find experts, books, journals and databases that have helped the NCBI to build the taxonomy database.

Ribosomal Database Project (RDP)
This includes phylogenetically ordered alignments of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequences, derived phylogenetic trees, rRNA secondary structure diagrams, and various software for handling, analyzing and displaying alignments and trees.

ZooBase - taxonomic database
ZooBase is a tool for professional taxonomists and systematics designed for navigating through literature, taxonomic descriptions and synonymy of nominal species. It provide information who and where has described this species as valid, who and where has included this species in the synonymy of other species and so on.

ZooBase is a collection of headings of species description compiled from taxonomic papers, accompany with the synonyms given in these papers. And the search system allow to find necessary records and display them in proper format.

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