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Peptide Identification

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This is a list of sites to aid in peptide identification.

[info] CombSearch
[info] PeptideSort
[info] PeptideSearch
[info] ProteinProspector
[info] PROWL
[info] ProteinInfo
[info] ProFound
[info] PepFrag
[info] ExPASy Proteomic Tools
[info] Molecular Weight

Detailed information on the above options

Attempts to provide a unified interface to query several protein identification tools accessible on the web. Currently it includes PeptIdent, TagIdent and MultiIdent from ExPASy, MS-Fit from ProteinProspector, ProFound from PROWL and PeptideSearch from EMBL Protein and Peptide Group.

Shows the peptide fragments from a digest of an amino acid sequence.

Protein identification by peptide mapping or peptide sequencing.

Compositional search using experimental Amino Acid Analysis data.

Tools for mining sequence databases in conjunction with Mass Proteometry experiments.

Provides an interactive environment for protein analysis that can be easily accessed with any web browser over the Internet.

A tool for retrieval and analysis of information from protein sequence databases.

A tool for searching a protein sequence database using information from mass spectra of peptide maps.

A tool for searching protein or nucleotide sequences using information from fragmentation mass spectra of peptides.

ExPASy Proteomic Tools

plus many others.

Molecular Weight
This calculates the molecular weight of your peptide.

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