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This is a list of BioInformatics centres working on the Human (or other species) Genome.
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[info] ICCBnet (International Center for Cooperation in Bioinformatics Network)
[info] I.M.A.G.E Consortium
[info] Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)
[info] InfoBioGen
[info] InfoBiotech Canada
[info] Indiana University (IUBio)
[info] Irish National Centre for BioInformatics
[info] ISREC (the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research)
[info] Institute of Advanced Biomedical Technologies (ITBA)

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ICCBnet (International Center for Cooperation in Bioinformatics Network)
Provides scientific training and technical instruction to biotechnologically developing countries in:

I.M.A.G.E Consortium
The I.M.A.G.E. Consortium was initiated by four academic groups on a collaborative basis after informal discussions led to a common vision of how to achieve an important goal in the study of the human genome: the Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genomes and their Expression.

They share high-quality, arrayed cDNA libraries and place sequence, map, and expression data on the clones in these arrays into the public domain. From this information, they re-array the unique clones to form a"master array" which they hope will ultimately contain a representative cDNA from each and every gene in the genome. These clones are available free of any royalties, and may be used by anyone agreeing with their guidelines.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)

The Imperial Cancer Research Fund is a registered UK charity dedicated to saving lives through research into the causes, prevention and cure of cancer.

Research Departments at Lincoln's Inn Fields and Clare Hall Laboratories

Provides a computing and information resource to the French molecular biology and genome projects. Mainly in French.

InfoBiotech Canada
InfoBiotech Canada is a partnership of government, private and academic sectors with the goal of providing enhanced access to information on biotechnology in Canada and worldwide.

The site contains several databases and other useful biotech information. There are a large number of other biotech sites that have been linked to. A search engine provides a method for searching the sites for particular information. Internet wide search engines are also provided to allow for internet wide searching.

Indiana University (IUBio)
IUBio Archive is an archive of biology data and software. The archive includes items to browse, search and fetch molecular data, software, biology news and documents.

Irish National Centre for BioInformatics
INCBI, The Irish National Centre for BioInformatics provides a service to all Irish molecular biologists. Since obtaining funding from Forbairt, the Irish Science and Technology Agency in April 1994, INCBI has registered more than 300 users. INCBI is located in the Genetics Department of Trinity College Dublin.

ISREC (the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research)
ISREC (the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research) houses sinces 1991 a research group in bio-informatics. Its main interest is in the detection and assessment of similarity between distantly related protein and DNA sequences by means of 'Generalized Profiles'. It also maintains EPD, the Eukaryotic Promoter Database, and the profile-based part of PROSITE, a catalog of protein sequence motifs.

Institute of Advanced Biomedical Technologies (ITBA)
The I.T.B.A. is one of the three C.N.R. Institutes that are based in the new bio-medical center L.I.T.A., which is in the Segrate section of the Milan Research Area.

The Institutes' activity is carried out in the following research areas:

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