Subclass Caryophyllidae

Biology 211: Taxonomy of Flowering Plants


Class Magnoliopsida

Subclass Caryophyllidae

8. Cactaceae - Cactus; succulent, fleshy habit, usually spiny herbs, with the spines arranged in areoles; flowers solitary and showy with numerous perianth parts; stamens numerous; ovary inferior.

9. Chenopodiaceae - Annual or perennial herbs and shrubs of xerophytic and halophytic habitats; stems sometimes jointed and essentially leafless; flowers small, green, usually inconspicuous; corolla absent, fruit an indehiscent nutlet; embryo coiled; betalains produced; beets, spinach, russian thistle.

10. Caryophyllaceae - Pink; Herbs with swollen nodes; leaves opposite, connected at the base with a transferse line; pistil with free central placentation; fruit a many-seeded capsule opening by teeth or valves.

11. Polygonaceae - Buckwheat, smartweed; most herbs with swollen nodes; leaves with nodal ocrea, or in their absence, flowers in involucrate heads; calyx petaloid often in two series, no petals.

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