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Selected Contributions ALBERTIANA 21
September 1998

Maurizio Gaetani : STS Meeting, Halle, 23 September 1998 / From the editor
C. Broglio Loriga, S. Cirilli, V. De Zanche, D. Di Bari, P. Gianolla, G.F. Laghi, W. Lowrie, S. Manfrin, A. Mastandrea, P. Mietto, G. Muttoni, C. Neri, R., Posenato, M. Rechichi, R. Retori and G. Roghi : A GSSP Candidate for the Ladinian/Carnian Boundary: the Prati di Stuores / Stuores Wiesen Section  (Dolomites, Italy)
J. Pálfy and A. Vörös : Quantitative Ammonoid Biochronological Assessment of the Anisian-Ladinian (Middle Triassic) Stage Boundary Proposals 
Marco Balini, Leo Krystyn and Valentina Torti : In search of the Ladinian/Carnian boundary: perspectives from Spiti (Tethys Himalaya)
Hans Kerp and Henk Visscher : New Triassic Literature

Selected Contributions ALBERTIANA 22
February 1999

IUGS/ICS Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphie (STS) - Abbreviated Minutes of Bussiness Meeting held on 23 September 1998, Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle/Saale, Germany
G. Warrington : The Epicontinental Triassic International Symposium
Yuri D. Zakharov and Alexander M. Popov : New Data on the Induan/Olenekian Boundary in South Primorye - Annual Report 1998 of IOBWG 
G.  Warrington : About the Top of the Trias
Paolo Mietto and Stefano Manfrin : A Debate on the Ladinian-Carnian Boundary
Y.D. Zakharov, N.G. Ukhaneva, A.V. Ignatyev, T.B. Afanasyeva, G.I. Buryi, G.V. Kotlyar, E.S. Panasenko, A.M. Popov, T.A. Punina, A.K. Cherbadzhi and Y.Y Vuks : Dorashamian, Induan, Olenekian, Anisian, Ladinian, Carnian, Norian and Rhaetian Carbonates of Russia: Stable Isotopes Ca-Mg Ratio, and Correlation
Spencer G. Lucas : A Tetrapod-based Triassic Timescale
G. Warrington : British Triassic Palaeontology: Supplement 22
Short Notes: New Books, Forthcoming Meetings etc.
Hans Kerp and Henk Visscher: New Triassic Literature

Selected Contributions ALBERTIANA 23
October 1999

Maurizio Gaetani: STS 
Andrew B. Heckert and Spencer G. Lucas : Global Correlation and Chronology of Triassic Theropods (Archosauria: Dinosauria) 
Spencer G. Lucas and John W. Estep : Triassic-Jurassic Boundary in the Sierra del Alamo Muerto,  Sonora, Mexico
Short Notes: New Books, Forthcoming Meetings etc.
Hans Kerp, Henk Visscher and Geoffrey Warrington: New Triassic Literature

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