ALBERTIANA  21, September 1998: Broglio Loriga et al.

Fig. 3  Comparison of magnetostratigraphic and biostratigraphic data from this study and the Mayerling section from Austria (Gallet et al., 1998). Biostratigraphy at Mayerling is based on conodonts. The thickness of the reversed polarity interval located at Mayerling in the lowermost part of the Diebeli conodont zone, and here informally named MF-, has been here reinterpreted (i.e., shortened) after Gallet et al. (1998, fig. 10). A small departure of the characteristic component direction towards shallower inclinations observed at Mayerling in the upper part of the Diebeli conodont zone is here highlighted and informally named MH-. This "excursion" occurs at or close to a lithological transition. Thicknesses are expressed in meters from the base of sections.