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Plant Biology for Non-science Majors

Welcome to Plant Biology 100 (BSCI124), a three-credit course in plant biology specifically designed for the non-science student. The goals and objectives of the course are:

  1. To gain a basic understanding of the processes through which plants function;
  2. To develop concepts concerning the factors leading to the great diversity among plants and the need to maintain this diversity;
  3. To understand the complex role of plants in the environment and in our society in order to make informed decisions

The course has CORE approval in the science/math area ONLY as a lab science when taken in conjunction with PBIO 101 (Laboratory in Plant Biology, 1 credit hour).

Section 1001 Dr. Paul Bottino: (MWF 10-10:50)
General Information; Lecture Schedule

Section 2001 John Browning: (TTh 11-12:15)
General Information; Lecture Schedule

Section 3001 Dr. Charles Delwiche: (TTh 12:30-1:45)
General Information; Lecture Schedule

Laboratory Teaching Staff

Study Suggestions

Index of Lectures

Please note: For the IBC release, all links on this page are present on the disk.  However, links on the lectures require access to the internet. A current version of the course website may be found at: http://www.life.umd.edu/BSCI124/pbio.html.

Unit I Introduction to Botanical Knowledge :
Lecture 1. Intoduction to Science- What is Life?
Lecture 2. Introduction to plants
Lecture 3. Plant Anatomy and Physiology
Lecture 4. The Cell
Lecture 5. DNA, RNA and Proteins
Lecture 6. Mitosis and Cell Division
Lecture 7. Photosynthesis and Energy
Lecture 8. Respiration and Carbon Cycle
Lecture 9. Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
Lecture 10. Mendelian Genetics
Lecture 11. First Examination Sample Questions

Unit II Survey of Plant Life :
Lecture 12. Plant Systmatics; Darwinian Evolution
Lecture 13. Evolution
Lecture 14. Adaptations
Lecture 15. Viruses and Prokaryotics
Lecture 16. Eukaryotes and Fungi
Lecture 17. Algae
Lecture 18. Out of the Water and Spore Formers
Lecture 19. Gymnosperms
Lecture 20. Flowering Plants
Lecture 21. Pollination downloaded links are available on this lecture
Lecture 22. Seeds and Fruits
Lecture 23. Second Examination Sample Questions

Unit III Human Uses of Flowering Plants :
Lecture 24. The Origins of Agriculture and Human Nutrition
Lecture 25. The Grasses
Lecture 26. Legumes, Starchy Staples
Lecture 27. Plant Fibers: Cloth and Paper; Herbs and Spices
Lecture 28. Stimulating Beverages
Lecture 29. Medicinal Plants
Lecture 30. Psychoactive Plants
Lecture 31. Poisonous and Allergenic Plants
Lecture 32. Third Examination Sample Questions

Unit IV Ecology and Agriculture:
Lecture 33. Ecology
Lecture 34. Succession
Lecture 35. Terrestrial Biomes
Lecture 36. Aquatic Biomes
Lecture 37. Biodiversity and Species Extinction
Lecture 38. Atmosphere and the Environment
Lecture 39. Agriculture and Environment
Lecture 40. World Food Problems
Lecture 41. Plant Biotechnology

Lecture 42. Final Exam Sample Fourth Exam

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