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Oxy-hemoglobin zooming in to oxy-heme (from 1hho.pdb by B. Shaanan). This is an animated picture; unlike with RasMol or Chime, you cannot move it with your mouse.

RasMol & Chime:
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RasMol is free software for looking at molecular structures. It runs on Windows or Macintosh/PPC computers (also unix). You must download a free PDB data file for each molecule you wish to view. It is very fast: rotating a protein or DNA molecule shows its 3D structure. If you have never seen this, click here to see some molecules rotate. Look at our gallery to see still snapshots of other molecules in RasMol.

Chime shows molecules like RasMol, but unlike RasMol, Chime shows molecules inside a web page. Chime shows only the molecules written into the web page by its author. Chime is free, and runs on Windows or Macintosh/PPC computers (also Silicon Graphics). Once you have installed Chime, you can view DNA, protein secondary structure, hemoglobin, antibody, etc. directly on web pages.

RasMol Quick Start

You can download RasMol here and get lots of molecules to look at. RasMol is easy to install, and, if you know a little basic biochemistry, learning how to use it is easy and fun. Downloading and installing Chime is easy (but see this trick for the Macintosh.) Then you can look at DNA and proteins right in your web browser.

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