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All of the critical elements of human life - from growing food and building shelter to preventing and curing disease—have their foundation in the study of plant life.

Plants and living systems are what make the earth habitable. They regulate the climate we live in. They purify our air, soil, and water. And they hold the keys for controlling emerging viruses, making renewable industrial and household products, and breeding drought- and pest-resistant crops to feed the world. However, before we’ve even scratched the surface of understanding the rich bounty of plant life around us, we are losing hundreds of species each day. The world’s plant life is in jeopardy, and scientists are more concerned about its survival than ever before.

"Plants hold the genetic keys to enhanced quality of life today, and they will help us determine if life will be worth living tomorrow"
                    -- Dr. Peter Raven
                                    Director - Missouri Botanical Garden
                                    President - XVI International Botanical Congress

Probing how plant life impacts the stability and sustainability of all life on Earth, the XVI International Botanical Congress will bring together some 5,000 scientists from more than 100 countries to discuss the importance of plants for human survival and improved quality of life, and to announce breakthrough research in the field of plant science.

Burness Communications, 1999.

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