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Synonyms (S-Z)

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  Synonyms - S-Z

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 Sustainable development Development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs Sustainable agriculture, Development Community development, Conservation (environment), Developed nations, Developing nations, Ecology, Environmental education, Natural resources, Physical environment
 Teaching materials Print and/or nonprint materials used in instructions Instructional materials, Curriculum materials, Educational materials Audiovisual aids, Course ware, Programmed instructional materials, Study guides, Educational resources, Educational technology, Resource materials
 Trails  Nature trails, Pathways  Facilities Adventure education, Camping, Conservation education, Outdoor education, Park design, Parks, Recreational facilities
 Trees    Shade trees, Plants Agronomy, Botany, Forestry, Ornamental horticulture, Wildlife
 Turf management  Lawn maintenance Ornamental horticulture, Pesticides, Fertilizers Ground keepers, Land use, Landscaping
 Urban environment   Environment, Pollution, Population growth, Urbanization Air pollution, Water pollution, Urban population, Urban planning, Urbanization
 Waste disposal Act or process of discarding or throwing away unneeded or excess material including solids, oils, gases, chemicals and liquids Waste management, Recycling, Sanitation Air pollution, Biotechnology, Ecology, Environmental standards, Radiation, Waste water, Solid wastes, Wastes
 Waste water Used water carrying suspended or dissolved solids from farms, industries, businesses or homes Sewage, Waste water treatment, Wastes, Water Pollution, Recycling, Sludge, Solid wastes, Waste disposal, Water pollution, Water treatment
 Wastes Unneeded, discarded, or excess material including solids, gases, chemicals and liquids Hazardous waste, Refuse, Solid waste, Waste water Conservation (environment), Ecology, Hazardous material, Poison, Pollution, Recycling, Resources, Sludge, Waste disposal
 Water pollution   Water pollution control, Acid rain, River pollution Conservation(environment). Ecology, Environmental education, Environmental standards, Groundwater, Hydrology, Urban environment, Waste disposal, Water quality, Water resources, Water treatment
 Water quality Biological. Chemical and physical characteristics of water that influence its healthy and fruitful use  Clean water Acid rain, Conservation (environment), Drinking water, Ecology, Environmental standards, Ground water, Health, Water. Water pollution
 Weather State of atmospheric conditions at any one place and time  Climate, Meteorology Climate change, Climate control, Ecology, Environmental influences, Natural disasters, Thermal environment, Water, Wind
 Wetlands Low area with shallow water or water-soaked soils Estuaries, Fisheries, Marine biology, Oceanography Conservation (environment), Conservation education, Ecology, Environmental education, Habitats, Land use, Marine education, Soil conservation, Water, Water resources, Wildlife management
 Wilderness An environmental condition that is characterized by a naturally developed life community undisturbed by human activity Outdoor activities, Outdoor education, Physical environment Adventure education, Camping, Conservation (environment), Conservation education, Ecology, Environmental education, Land settlement, Land use, Natural resources, Wildlife
 Wildlife Animals and/or plants living in a natural (undomesticated or uncultivated) state Endangered species, Animals, Biological sciences, Botany Birds, Habitat, Natural Resources, Plant growth, Trees Weeds, Wilderness, Wildlife management
 Zoos    Animal facilities Aquaria, Educational facilities, Parks, Recreational facilities, Wildlife management

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