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  Synonyms - A-E

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 Environment surrounding conditions forces, or factors potentially capable of influencing, modifying, or interacting with an organism, material, or other entity (use a more specific term if possible)  physical environment conservation (environment), ecology, environmental education, environmental influences, environmental research, humanization, resources, environmental factors
 Environmental education    conservation education adventure education, biological sciences, conservation (environment), ecology, energy education, environment, forestry, global education, marine education, natural resources, outdoor education, population education, science and society, social biology, soil conservation, sustainable development, wilderness
 Adventure education type of outdoor education that attempts to teach environmental awareness nad build self-confidence through activities that involve risk or stress, such as rock-climbing, survival training,etc. Adventure learning, outdoor education experiential learning,field experience learning, field trips, outdoor activities, risk, self concept, trails, wilderness
 Acid rain precipitation containing destructive acid concentration. Caused when pollutants, chiefly oxides of Sulpher and Nitrogen are chemically combined with water vapors in the atmosphere  air pollution, water pollution  meteorology, water quality
 Action learning learning by doing . . . includes knowledge and skills acquired outside of book/lecture learning situations through work, play and other life experiences experiential learning, community experience activity learning,
activity units,
discovery learning
 Action research research designed to yield practical results that are immediately applicable to a specific situation or problem  participatory action research community action, evaluation methods, participatory research
(to environment)
a condition of harmonious relation to the environment, in which internal needs are satisfied and external demands are met  adapatability  ecology, environment, health
 Advocacy full and active support for and representation of an individual, group, cause or idea  environmental advocacy citizen participation, needs, services, social action
 Aesthetics branch of philosophy dealing with beauty, artistic expression, and physiological responses to beauty and art including nature  nature aesthetic values, discipline based art education
 Air pollution   air pollution control, atmospheric pollution, SMOG climate, conservation, ecology, environmental standards, greenhouse effects
 Awareness the process of becoming aware of objects, qualities or relations via the senses -- involves the reception, processing, and interpretation of impressions  perceptions comprehension, discovery processes, Inferences
 Behavior change complete or partial alteration in the observable responses  attitude change  behavior, change strategies,
 Built environment All bulidings, monuments, roadways, landscapes etc.  physical environment community characteristics, environmental influences
 Camping    recreational activities adventure education, outdoor activities, trails, wilderness
 Climate the prevailing conditions of the physical environment indoor or outdoor climatic factors (1969, 1980), physical environment air pollution, climate change, climate control, diffusion (physics), earth science, ecology, environmental influences, geographic location, heat, humidity, light, meteorology, pollution, solar energy, temperature, thermal environment, water, weather, wind (meteorology)
 Climate change non seasonal, semi-permanent change in the physical environment of a region  global warming climate, environmental influences, meteorolgy
Community education for the environment extending existing educational resources and programs into the community  education community, community centers, community development, community resources, extension education, outreach programs
preservation and protection of the environment including natural resources, from loss, waste, or harm energy conservation, soil conservation soil conservation, air pollution, conservation education, depleted resources, ecological factors, ecology, endangered species, environment, environmental education, energy conservation, forestry, fuel consumption, mining, natural resources, physical environment, recycling, sustainable development, wastes, water pollution, water quality, water resources, wetlands, wilderness, wildlife management, world problems
 Conservation education   environmental education biological sciences, conservation (environment), energy conservation, energy education, fire science education, forestry, geography, natural resources, outdoor education, physical sciences, soil conservation, trails, wetlands, wilderness.
 Curriculum development activities such as conceptualizing, planning, implementing, field testing, and researching that are intended to produce new or improved curricula curriculum adaptation, curriculum improvement, educational development course content, curriculum, curriculum based assessments, Instructional development, material development, media adaptation
 Decision making skills   skills daily living skills, decision making, Problem solving, thinking skills
 Energy conservation preventing loss or waste of energy  heat recovery, conservation (environment) alternative energy sources, climate control, conservation education, depleted resources, ecological factors, ecology, energy, energy audits, energy education, energy management, energy occupations, fuel consumption, fuels, life cycle costing, motor vehicles, natural resources, thermal insulation, underground facilities, water resources

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