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  New Accounts

Welcome to EE-Link Internet Hosting Services

You will be contacted by email with your usename information. We will send you a fax to give you your password. All the other infromation associated with your account can be found via this page.

To put web files on the server, ftp your web documents to the "html" directory. You will see this directory after you login to an ftp session. If you are unfamiliar with FTP, click here.

EE-Link offers a ready-made search engine for your site. If you would like to use the EE-Link search engine to search the pages on your site, follow these two steps:

  1. See if your site is currently among those searched by EE-Link by going to our search page and typing in some words specific to your pages like your organization's name. If your site appears, go on to step 2. If not, contact us about being included.
  2. To create a search page that searches just the pages on your site, create a page that has the following variables:

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