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  Internet Basics

We believe strongly in the value of Environmental Education. We also believe that the Internet is a powerful tool. As such, we have positioned ourselves to provide EE organizations with the Internet services that offer the most value. Our goal is not to sell you Internet Services; we want to help your organization better use the Internet to meet strategic goals.

Every organization has different needs and different capacities. Every EE organization should know the basic capabilities and issues associated with Internet technology. This page is defgned to educate you quickly and effectively regarding Internet technology. Here, we give you the basics to making sound decisions regarding the use of the Internet in your organization. Here, you'll also find information to help you decide when to seek outside help in decision making and implementation of your decisions.

If you are new to the Internet, we suggest that you look at some of the following resources to help familiarize yourself with issues to consider when thinking about the Internet. These reources cover issues ranging from website strategies, to online promotion, to a host of other topics. If you only look at a few be sure to look at the ones in the Overview section. Here's the list;

Overview Information:

Intranets and Extranets:

Small Business/Small Organization Strategies

Using the Internet in Your Work

The Internet in Education, Training and the Classroom

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