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  International - Latin America

Find links on this page for projects and resources in this region.

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Links for International - Latin America:


Caribbean Conservation Corp./Sea Turtle Survival League
Includes a new education program, "The Sea Turtle Migration-Tracking Education Program," allows students to monitor maps that depict the satellite-tracked migration of between 15 and 20 endangered sea turtles. The program includes an offer to teachers of a free printed Educators Guide. An on-line bulleting board allows students to ask questions of sea turtle scientists.

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Casa de la Paz
"La Red de Educación Ambiental REDAM se inició en 1995 a partir de una amplia convocatoria realizada por Casa de la Paz, con el objetivo de articular a profesores y agentes de cambio de todo el país." [Chile].

A network of 500+ Chilean EE groups. The organization's goal is to promote environmental protection along with social equality and economic production. Please note, this si
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Children's Environmental Trust Foundation, International Web Site
CET is a non-profit organization that offers tropical ecology workshops in the Amazon and Costa Rican Rainforest regions.

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Costa Rica Rainforest Outward Bound School
Offers progressive tropical ecology/biology courses for middle school, high school, and university students.

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Globe - Mexico
Programa internacional de education ambiental. Involucra a los estudiantes en medir y analizar condiciones ambientales, y en compartir los resultados con otras escualas y cientificos.

Mexico's GLOBE program
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Island Resources Foundation (IRF)
IRF provides development and environmental planning assistance to governments and private nonprofit environmental organizations of small tropical islands.Headquartered in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, with branch offices in Washington, DC, and in St. John's, Antigua, where the Foundation's Eastern Caribbean Biodiversity Initiative is coordinated.

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Meio Ambiente '99
O primeiro encontro ambiental virtual no Brasil,que intenciona congregar cientistas, professores,executivos, administradores, funcionarios publicos, alunos e o publico em geral, na maior iniciativa de informacao ambiental a nivel nacional e a nivel de America Latina.

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New Frontier in Brazil: People, Progress and the Environment
Case study deals with the Amazon and discusses advantages/ disadvantages of developing the region. Students evaluate the concept of "progress" related to growth and to the preservation (or destruction) of environment and indigenous culture. Downloadable lesson plans (high school) from the Forum for Global Education.

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The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research
ACEER is an American/Peruvian organization committed to rainforest conservation. They offer workshops in the Peruvian rainforest for teachers and students from the US and Peru. ACEER also sponsors an Adopt-a-School cultural exchange project.

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The University of Costa Rica
World Class Adventures in Education, is a course for English speaking undergraduate students interested in studying the rainforest.

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universidad natural indigena
environmental education in the amazon

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