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  Hosting Services

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Internet Hosting Services for your EE Organization

EE-Link offers Internet hosting services for all the major Internet services including:

  • Web Hosting Service (with script access);
  • E-mail Hosting Services;
  • Intranet Hosting; and
  • FTP Site (File Transfer Site)

Our Basic Internet Hosting Packages

We have three basic Internet hosting packages. Each is tailored to meet the needs of EE organizations in terms of low cost and high value.

Starter Package: $7.50 / month, 6 month minimum

Our Starter Package is for EE groups that would like an Internet presence for a minimum of cost. It includes Web files space for up to 1.5 Mb of files and links to our EE-Link web site. Your URL under the Starter Package is of the form:

The Starter Package contains incoming FTP services to allow you to make changes to your web files whenever you choose. Additional services like e-mail and high-end services (see Web Design Services for details) can be added for addition fees.

Mid-Level Package: $30.00 / month, 3 month minimum

Our Mid-Level Package is for organizations that are ready to develop a fully-featured web presence. This package includes Web file space up to 10 Mb of disk space. Also available with this package is virtual hosting. Virtual hosting allows your URL to be whatever domain name you choose. Therefore, your URL can be of the form:

This package also includes 5 e-mail boxes of the form:

This package can be extended with additional services (see Web Design Services for details).

High-Level Package: $150.00 / month minimum, 9 month minimum

This package is for firms that plan to use at least 3 of the following services:

  • Intranet Tools with user Authorization
  • Database Features
  • On-line Conferencing
  • On-line Commerce
  • E-mail Lists (Automated)
  • Custom Applications
  • On-line Surveys
  • On-line Membership Development
  • On-line Courses or Training
  • Virtual Events like Conferences, Meetings, etc.

The High-Level Package is the perfect solution for the EE Organization that currently uses the Internet frequently and is ready to tap into the more powerful aspects of the technology. Additional features can be added to those listed above to create a fully-featured Internet resource for your EE organization.

Additional Services

Additional Service like additional domain name registration, e-mail boxes, custom scripts and other features take the guess work out of getting your site up and running. These services also make your Internet resource better suited to your needs. Contact us for more information on these services.

With Any Package - Consider This Addition

No matter which package listed above is right for your organization, consider including site promotion services with your package. Site promotion is essential for getting your site known to the intended audience. Here is a link to provide you with an overview of site promotion strategies.

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