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  EE Activities - Urban and Multicultural

Links on this page are for activities and materials dealing with environmental concerns in urban areas and for urban audiences. We also include any projects with a multicultural focus, both urban and rural.

You will also find topic-specific information on EE-Link in two other areas:

Links for EE Activities - Urban and Multicultural:


Closed-System Game: An Urban Planning Simulation
A simulation that involves students in the complexities and consequences of planning--both socioeconomic planning and environmental planning.Downloadable lesson plans (grade 9-12) from the Forum for Global Education.

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Community Resources:Urban Environmental Education  Popular!
"Community Resources works with recreation departments, natural resource management agencies, schools, outreach centers and community groups to develop programs that teach young people ecology, community stewardship, urban resource management and basic job readiness skills in the context of their urban environment." Urban activities for grades preK-6.

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Ocean Resources Game
Role-playing activity explores the potentials for cooperation and conflict in relation to control of the seas. Playing roles of decision makers, students learn about issues and positions involved in exploiting the wealth of the sea, including minerals, oil, and fish. Downloadable lesson plans (grade 9-12) from the Forum for Global Education.

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Terra - Utopian Animal Kingdom
Offers tours of a virtual wildlife reserve. A mingling of ideas about diverse cultures and wildlife, the tours are led by "members of civilizations that are endangered or extinct . . . tragically . . . just as much of the wildlife you will observe here at Terra."

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Urban Forestry Exercises  Popular!
Activities for K-12, written to educate students about trees, collect data on trees in their urban environment, and to participate in urban forestry development. On US Forest Service site.

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