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  EE Activities - Geography

Links on this page are for activities and materials dealing with environmental aspects of geography--land use planning, ground truthing, ecosystem protection.

You will also find topic-specific information on EE-Link in two other areas:

Links for EE Activities - Geography:


GIS Data on the Web - ArcData Online
View maps of your street, county, state or country. Easily navigated site offers many options for color-coded demographic information.

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GIS for Schools and Libraries - ESRI
Information on GIS technology ranging from the basics of how it works, to web links with projects and schools that are using GIS in the classroom to enhance environmental education.

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New Frontier in Brazil: People, Progress and the Environment
Case study deals with the Amazon and discusses advantages/ disadvantages of developing the region. Students evaluate the concept of "progress" related to growth and to the preservation (or destruction) of environment and indigenous culture. Downloadable lesson plans (high school) from the Forum for Global Education.

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Pennsylvania Topographic and Geologic Survey
Topographic and geologic maps of PA available on-line. Resources for teachers available through Penn State.

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The Earth Balloon  Popular!
This is an interactive environmental/geography program featuring a 22' (6.7m) globe students enter to learn about our changing earth. Complete K-12 curriculum featuring lesson plans on: Natural Environments, Rain Forests, Man's Impact on the Earth - The Aral Sea, Population Clusters, etc.

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USGS - Learning Web
Information about mineral, land, biological and water resources from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in the form of teaching packets, posters, fact sheets, CD-ROMs and WWW sites.

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World Resources Institute
WRI's Environmental Education Project, working on materials development, teacher inservice and promotion of EE in diverse cultural environments.

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WorldWatcher Project at Northwestern University
"WorldWatcher is a visualization environment for geographic data that has been developed especially to serve the needs of students and teachers. The accompanying global warming curriculum (grades 8-10) covers key issues in environmental science." Teacher resources are available online.

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