Stereo X-eye, W-eye, Off.
For menu, click on picture with right mouse-button. To rotate about x or y axis, use left mouse-button, move pointer on image.
To rotate about z axis, use Shift and right mouse-button, move pointer horizontally.
To zoom, use Shift and left mouse-button; move down to zoom in, up to zoom out.
To pan, use Ctrl and right mouse-button.
To slice when in Slab Mode, use Ctrl and left mouse-button.

Amino acid Colors

ASP, GLU        bright red

LYS, ARG        blue    

HIS             pale blue

ASN, GLN        green-blue      

PRO             flesh   

CYS, MET        yellow  

SER, THR        orange  

GLY             v.light grey

TRP             purple  

PHE, TYR        dark purple

ALA             light grey

LEU, VAL, ILE   dark green