Agathis australis


[Species List]

Araucaria bidwillii

Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

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Macrozamia diplomera

Macrozamia miquelii

Phyllocladus toatoa

Podocarpus nivalis.

Podocarpus totara.

Prumnopitys taxifolia.

Wollemia nobilis.

Gymnosperms of Australia and New Zealand


[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] At the continental scale, endemism in gymnosperms is the rule rather than the exception. Not surprisingly, this concept applies especially to the island continent of Australia. The only species on this list that are not endemic to Australia or New Zealand are Araucaria cunninghamii, with var. papuana native to New Guinea; and Prumnopitys amara, found in Australia, India, Malaysia, New Britain, and the Philippines.

Species List

Actinostrobus acuminatus Moore cypress-pine
Actinostrobus pyramidalis King George's cypress-pine
Agathis atropurpurea Blue pine
Agathis microstachya Atherton kauri
Agathis robusta Queensland kauri
Araucaria bidwillii Bunya pine
Araucaria cunninghamii Hoop pine
Araucaria heterophylla Norfolk Island pine
Athrotaxis cupressoides Pencil pine
Athrotaxis laxifolia Summit Athrotaxis
Athrotaxis selaginoides King Billy pine
Bowenia serrulata Byfield fern
Bowenia spectabilis [common name?]
Callitris baileyi cypress pine
Callitris canescens cypress pine
Callitris columellaris cypress pine
Callitris drummondii cypress pine
Callitris endlicheri Black cypress pine
Callitris glaucophylla White cypress pine
Callitris macleayana Stringybark pine
Callitris monticola Steelhead
Callitris muelleri cypress-pine
Callitris oblonga Pigmy cypress-pine
Callitris preissii Rottnest Island pine
Callitris rhomboidea Port Jackson pine
Callitris roei cypress pine
Callitris sulcata cypress pine
Cycas angulata [common name?]
Cycas calcicola [common name?]
Cycas furfuracea [common name?]
Cycas media [common name?]
Diselma archeri [common name?]
Lagarostrobos franklinii Huon pine
Microstrobos fitzgeraldi Dwarf mountain pine
Lepidozamia hopei Wunu
Lepidozamia peroffskyana [common name?]
Macrozamia secunda [common name?]
Macrozamia denisoni [common name?]
Macrozamia diplomera [common name?][G]
Macrozamia fawcettii [common name?]
Macrozamia lucida [common name?]
Macrozamia miquelii [common name?][G]
Macrozamia moorei [common name?]
Macrozamia pauli_guilielmi [common name?]
Microcachrys tetragona [common name?]
Microstrobos niphophilus [common name?]
Phyllocladus asplenifolius Celery top pine
Podocarpus alpinus [common name?]
Podocarpus dispermus [common name?]
Podocarpus drouynianus [common name?]
Podocarpus elatus Brown pine
Podocarpus grayii [common name?]
Podocarpus lawrencei Alpine plum pine
Podocarpus smithii [common name?]
Podocarpus spinulosus [common name?]
Prumnopitys amara [common name?]
Prumnopitys ladei [common name?]
Wollemia nobilis Wollemi pine
Agathis australis New Zealand kauri
Dacrycarpus dacrydioides Kahikatea
Dacrydium cupressinum Rimu
Halocarpus bidwillii Mountain pine
Halocarpus biformis Pink pine
Halocarpus kirkii Monoao
Lepidothamnus intermedius Yellow silver pine
Lepidothamnus laxifolius Mountain rimu
Libocedrus bidwillii Pahautea
Libocedrus plumosa Kawaka
Manoao colensoi Silver pine
Phyllocladus alpinus Mountain toatoa
Phyllocladus toatoa Toatoa
Phyllocladus trichomanoides Tanekaha
Podocarpus acutifolius [common name?]
Podocarpus cunninghamii [common name?]
Podocarpus nivalis Alpine totara
Podocarpus totara Totara
Prumnopitys ferruginea Miro
Prumnopitys taxifolia Matari

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