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Different Meiotic Stages in Anthers of Ramsons (Allium ursinum; 2n = 14) Staining with acetic acid carmine, phase contrast microscopy

(photography by W. KASPRIK)

a. Zygotene / pachyten (the homologous chromosomes can be recognized as thin double strands). b. Diplotene (the bivalents can be seen as clear double strands).

c. Diakinesis (The homologous chromosomes are drawn to opposite poles. All seven bivalents contain chiasmata.). d. Metaphase I: side view of all seven bivalents in the equatorial plane. Both series of centromers are already stretched towards the poles.

e. Metaphase II (Two spindles each are next to each other. The chromosomes are considerably thinner and longer than in metaphase I). f. Anaphase II.

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