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Datum:    Mon, 10 Sep  2001 16:04:46 +0100
Von:         Louisa Beeby

Dear Peter Sengbusch,

I am writing to inform you that your Web site, (BOTANY Online - The Internet Hypertextbook ), has been included in Natural Selection

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It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide a reciprocal link (or links) from your Web site to Natural Selection and/or BIOME.

Many thanks,

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Botany online : the Internet hypertextbook

This impressive site from the University of Hamburg comprises an online botany textbook, derived in part from Botanik by Peter von Sengbusch (McGraw Hill Book Company, 1989). Coverage includes taxonomy, anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, evolution and plant-microbe interactions. Factual information is supplemented by numerous pictures, references, a dictionary and an extensive links section. Originally written in German and now being translated into English, the complete site is currently only available in German. This is an ongoing project and suggestions for additions and improvements are requested. This resource will be of particular interest to botany undergraduates.

Botany; Botany/Anatomy; Botany/Classification; Botany/Dictionaries; Botany/Study and teaching; Botany/Terminology; Plant ecology; Plants/Evolution; Botanical chemistry; Plant-pathogen relationships/Genetic aspects;