DELTA Data Sets on the XVI IBC CD-ROM


The DELTA folder on this CD-ROM contains the interactive identification and information retrieval program Intkey (Dallwitz, Paine and Zurcher 1995 onwards, 1998) and three sets of data. The data sets are generated from DELTA databases (Dallwitz 1980; Dallwitz, Paine and Zurcher (1993 onwards). For more information about DELTA and Intkey, click here.

The DELTA programs (including Intkey) and several data sets (including the ones on this CD-ROM) are available on the Internet at the DELTA Home Page. They are updated from time to time.

The data sets ‘The Families of Flowering Plants’ and ‘Grass Genera of the World’ contain descriptions and Intkey packages. Illustrations have not been included on the CD-ROM, because of space limitations. They are available on the Internet.

The data set ‘Butterflies and Moths’ contains only an Intkey package, with simple information about an arbitrarily chosen set of 32 butterflies and moths. It is intended only as an introduction to using the program, and is fully illustrated.


Interactive Identification

The version of Intkey on this CD-ROM requires Windows 95/98/NT. To start it, use Windows Explorer to open the DELTA folder on the CD-ROM, then double click on Intkey. You will then be asked to select one of the three data sets. Introductions to the data sets, and instructions for using Intkey, are available within the program.

The taxon images supplied with the ‘Butterflies and Moths’ data can be used as the ‘specimens’ to be identified. The length of the forewing is given at the bottom of each image. You can print the images from the following files. The number of images per page will depend on the paper size and margins.

Alternatively, the ‘specimens’ can be displayed on screen by Intkey, as described in the Introduction within the package.