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Classification of flowering plants
Updated July 1998

Kåre Bremer, Birgitta Bremer, & Mats Thulin

Dept. of Systematic Botany, Uppsala University

1998: Summary - Classification - Synonyms
1997: Summary - Classification - Synonyms

This classification is based on various recently published phylogenetic analyses, and it is equivalent to "An ordinal classification for the families of flowering plants", as submitted for publication in the Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden by the "Angiosperm Phylogeny Group". Several families are deliberately not classified to order to avoid undesirable non-monophyletic taxa as well as redundant monofamilial taxa. Note that the Linnaean categories of order and family are only to be conceived as a convenient reference to hierarchical relationships. Groups of the same rank are not comparable units unless they are sister groups.